What To Do When There Is A Fallen Tree

Trees are a great addition to any property. They add beauty, shade, and even value to your home. But trees can also pose a significant threat when they are old, unhealthy, or dead. When a tree falls on your property, there are a few things you should do right away to take care of the issue.

At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we are here to make sure your Gainesville, Florida, property is as safe as possible. That means being prepared for the possibility of falling trees in your yard. Here’s what to do if it happens:

How to Handle a Downed Tree

  • Check to make sure no one is injured. If anyone is hurt, get medical help before anything else.
  • Check for any downed power lines that the tree might have taken with it and call your utility company. Never try to handle a downed power line yourself!
  • Take pictures of the tree and any damage done to building or property before you begin removing branches and debris.
  • Call Mr. Tree for emergency tree removal services.

Prevention is the Top Priority

The best way to handle hazardous trees is to deal with them before they fall. It’s not usually hard to spot a problem tree. Trees that don’t have new growth or have lots of dead branches are probably on their way out. You also want to be leery of any trees that are close to your house. The best way to see if you have any hazardous trees on your property is to get a professional out to take a look.

At Mr. Tree, we offer consultations and emergency services if needed. But our best advice is not to wait until you need us. Now that hurricane season is coming to an end, schedule a consultation to find out if there are any dangerous trees in your yard.