What’s the Harm of a Tree Stump?

Most people think tree stumps aren’t a big deal. Once a tree is cut down, the real problem is gone, right? Wrong! Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly, they can also cause some real problems. Stumps can even lead to expensive damages to your yard and home! Read on to learn the reasons to remove a tree stump.

  • Stumps Still Grow! Tree stump roots can actually continue to grow. That means that the “harmless” stump in your yard could be damaging your home’s foundations or pipes.
  • Stumps are tripping hazards. This is especially true if there are ever children on your property. If so, it’s even more important to get rid of a tree stump.
  • Stumps can house pests. Dead tree stumps can attract invasive insects such ants and termites. From there, these pests may spread to a nearby healthy tree or even to your home, causing extensive property damage. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to properly grind a stump than it is to exterminate a termite infestation and repair your home. For this reason alone, it’s well worth removing a tree stump.
  • Stumps are eyesores. With the tree gone, that stump is now just taking up space (both visually and physically). Reclaim your yard by getting rid of it! Beautifying your yard will make you feel better and will increase the value of your property. Simply put, properties with tree stumps are less valuable.

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