How to Spot the Signs of Common Florida Tree Diseases

A diseased tree can be a serious matter. Weakened and diseased trees are fall hazards that can cause serious property damage to your home or business. Falling trees can also gravely hurt you, your family, or your customers.

Common Signs of Tree Disease

The most obvious signs of tree disease include visible fungus or dead wood. You can spot dead wood by its dry and lifeless appearance. This wood is very brittle and can easily break (or allow dangerous branches to fall). Deep cracks in the bark and bark holes (known as cankers) are also easily visible signs that a tree is in trouble.

Weak branch unions are a little more difficult to spot. These are areas where two branches have grown so close to one another that bark forms between them. Since bark is less sturdy than wood, these branches are more likely to break and fall than others. Poor architecture is another sign of danger. This uneven growth is indicative of past damage, such as from storms or poor pruning techniques. Finally, be on the lookout for outright tree decay. Most decay starts internally, so this can be hard to spot. Look for fungi and overly soft wood.

How to Treat Diseased or Damaged Trees

If you suspect one of your trees may be diseased, then it’s time to call in the professionals. With more than 10 years of experience in Gainesville tree services and tree care, we have the experience to help. Don’t let a diseased tree turn into a fall hazard, call us today at (352) 448-3962 or request a free estimate online!