Winter Pruning Guide

Do you feel like you’ve been neglecting your lawn lately? Mr. Tree and Lawn Service has what you need, whether it’s winter lawn care tips for Gainsville or a few spare hours to trim your trees (no, not your Christmas trees. That’s up to you!). But how do you know it’s time to prune your winter trees?

Winter Pruning Timeline in Gainesville

gardener with chainsawPruning during the right season can make or break a tree, encouraging growth or stunting it, and even affecting how many blooms burst forth in the spring. Trees respond best to pruning during dormancy, when they’re better protected from shock. So which trees should you prune during the winter months?

Prune deciduous trees between late December and early February. Use this guide to differentiate between dead and dormant tree branches. Mid-winter is the time to prune:

  • Oak Trees
  • Elm Trees
  • Ash Trees
  • Pecan Trees
  • Mulberry Trees
  • Stone Fruit Trees (Peach, Pear, Plum, etc)

Although it’s tempting, don’t break out the pruning shears for Citrus and other frost-sensitive trees. Instead, focus on Willow, Sumac, and Eucalyptus. Wait until spring to skin palm trees so they won’t lack protection in case of an unexpected cold spell.

Pruning Tips for Any Season

If your tree has a dangerously unstable or diseased limb, you don’t need to wait until the appropriate season to remove it. Allowing diseased branches to stick around can negatively impact tree growth. If your tree is stressed, avoid pruning unless necessary. Over-pruning can shock trees, leading to a lengthy recovery period.

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