Winter Lawn Care 101

Homeowners in Northern Florida face some unique problems with the landscape. Winter weather can be balmy, hot, or cold and rainy—sometimes all in one week. So how can you provide quality lawn care during Gainesville winters?

The Do’s of Winter Lawn Care

  • lawn mower cutting grassDo water once a week. Your lawn needs less water than it does in the warmer months, so it’s important to find the right balance when it comes to watering your lawn in winter.
  • Do raise your mower height. Cutting grass too short in the winter can damage the blades, leaving it patchy or brown in the spring. Raise your mower blades so that they cut off only the top third of each blade. Mow less frequently than you would in the spring or summer.
  • Do look for underlying problems. If you have drainage issues in the yard, overgrown tree canopies that overshadow the lawn, or other landscape issues, winter is an excellent time to find the solution!

The Don’ts of Winter Lawn Care

You may want to freshen up the landscape, but don’t apply fertilizer to the yard until spring. Fertilizer tells the grass it’s time to grow again, which is bad news when a cold snap comes in. Fertilize no later than September and no earlier than April each year.

Don’t aerate and overseed too early (or too late). Overseeding will keep your Gainesville lawn colorful, vibrant, and healthy. Apply fresh seed to patchy areas when the weather starts warming up, but is still cool enough for the seeds to thrive. Water your lawn more frequently while the seeds take root.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Mr. Tree and Lawn Service provides commercial and residential lawn care in Gainesville. Call us to get your landscape back on track.