What You Should Do if Your Tree is Dying

Tree DiseaseA dying or dead tree is a safety hazard because it is not able to hold its ground if a strong storm arises. Dead trees are usually the ones that fall on your home or in your yard, damaging your property. The Mr. Tree professionals are ready to make your yard beautiful while keeping your home safe.

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How to Prevent Tree Disease

Unfortunately, trees are plagued with common diseases more often than we realize, but if you take the necessary steps to properly care for your tree, you won’t have to be concerned about saving your tree in the future.

When you prevent tree disease, you are not only saving that specific tree but also the trees around it. Consider the following ways to prevent disease:

  • Trim your tree branches as needed. Trimming dead branches or overgrowth allows for your tree to grow properly.
  • Water your trees when a drought occurs. Just like small shrubs or flower gardens, trees need water to survive.
  • Protect your trees while working in the yard. Avoid making a gash in the bark or near the stump.

If you need a tree removed, it’s vital to contact a tree professional. There are many elements to a tree that needs to be considered while cutting it down. At Mr. Tree, we have extensive experience serving the residents of Gainesville. Allow us to serve you!

Signs & Symptoms of Dying Trees

There are ways to save a dying tree if it is detected early. Several signs and symptoms to watch for include:

  • Brittle bark
  • Decay & deadwood
  • Excessive leaf drop
  • Falling branches
  • Poor structure
  • Trunk & root rot

If you’re not sure if a tree is a safety hazard, allow us to help!

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