What Makes a Tree Prone to Limb Breakage?

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Tree with co-dominant trunks

When property owners contact us for Gainesville tree services, they often seem baffled by a common occurrence: falling limbs. Because a tree has stood strong for years, people assume the tree is healthy and its limbs sturdy. While we’re happy to help Gainesville residents with cleanup and trimming after a limb falls, we’d also like folks to know how to prevent damage, too.


Just because a tree appears healthy and robust does not mean it is. One of the many landscape maintenance services we provide is regular inspection of your property’s trees. We can help you avoid these issues:

  • Limbs damaging your house or automobiles
  • Trunks weakening from missing bark
  • Limbs falling where children play


You could expect high winds to cause tree limbs to snap and fall. But other issues cause problems, too. Common reasons for broken branches include:

  • Weak branch unions- Structural imperfections where the branch departs the main trunk
  • Included bark- When bark grows back into the tree, the joint weakens.
  • Co-dominant trunks– When both the branch and main trunk are roughly equal in size
  • Epicormic branches– Some tree service companies are not properly educated on tree care and prune trees incorrectly, leading to “water sprouts,” or epicormic branches. These weak, new branches grow out of cut branches, often when the tree is topped. These are inherently weak branches. They grow quickly and become heavier than the union can support.

Regular tree inspection and careful pruning is the best way to prevent falling limbs from damaging your home or automobiles, or injuring people. Of course, sometimes limbs will fall regardless due to unseen problems or severe weather. In those cases, just call us at 352-682-4444 for emergency tree removal!

Photo by Josch13 via Pixabay