What Do You Expect From Your Lawn Service?

Lawn Care Gainesville FLWhen selecting someone to do lawn service at your home or business one of the first things you need to think about is what do you expect? This will help you to better compare the services provided by different lawn care companies including Mr. Tree and Lawn Service. Realize that the realm of lawn care can be all-encompassing and involve your entire yard or garden in addition to the lawn.

  • Do you want to turn over complete responsibility to someone else and have nothing left to do except look at and enjoy your yard?
  • Do you want help with only mowing and edging the lawn and feel you can take care of everything else?
  • Do you want to pick and choose which tasks you retain and what you pay to have done?

Consider the various elements of lawn and garden care:

  • mowing and edging
  • fertilizing
  • weed pulling or killing
  • bug and/or disease treatment
  • lawn aeration or de-thatching
  • irrigation system maintenance and repair
  • trimming of trees, shrubs or hedges
  • planting or reseeding
  • mulching
  • clean-up and hauling; and more

Think about which of these are on your “to-do” list, and which do you want to move to someone else’s list?

As you reflect on those options, consider more than just the actual tasks themselves. Think about the combined investment of time, energy and money to accomplish each one. You may enjoy some gardening chores and hate others. How would your quality of life improve by making certain changes?

You may be willing to take care of certain items, but don’t have the time, health or knowledge to do them well. You may be completely unwilling to continue doing some of these chores, or the cost of help may temper your reluctance. You may have a family member to assist you or you may be on your own.
All of these factors should influence your approach to lawn care services. This is why it is so important to communicate your wants and needs when requesting an estimate for lawn services from Mr. Tree and Lawn Service or any other lawn care company in the Gainesville area. Call us at 352-682-4444 or use the convenient “Contact” form on our website.


Image courtesy of suphakit73 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net