Watering Tips for Your Gainesville Lawn

lawn watering in Gainesville FLWatering your lawn and landscaping is a simple enough chore- or is it? While there is nothing intrinsically hard about turning on the hose and waving it over the flower beds and grass, the following tips can help you water your lawn more efficiently during the hot summer months- a major plus from both a water conservation standpoint and the sake of your water bill! Read on for some tips from our Gainesville lawn care company below.

Attach a nozzle

You’ll save a lot of water by attaching a nozzle to the hose that has a shut-off function. When you don’t need to have the water running, such as when you’re walking across a sidewalk or driveway, you can simply switch off the nozzle without having to turn off the water supply.

Use a soaker hose

Sprinklers lose quite a bit of water through evaporation. A soaker hose drips water into the soil slowly, greatly reducing the amount of water that you lose through evaporation. If you cover the soaker hose with mulch, you’ll waste almost no water.

Set a timer

One of the easiest ways to waste water is to leave the sprinkler or soaker hose running longer that you intended. Set a faucet-mounted timer and then let the water seep into the soil after the sprinkler or hose shuts off before you start watering again to reduce water runoff.

Use mulch

Weeds can create an eyesore while leeching the best soil. Mulch permeates water and air, decomposes over time, improves the soil quality, and keeps out the weeds without adding any chemicals to the soil.

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Photo via Pixabay