Tree Trimming and Landscaping for Home Security


Caution: These tips may not work for literal cat burglars…

The state of your landscaping isn’t merely an issue of appearances; it’s also a security issue! The trees and shrubs in your yard can serve as a natural barrier to intruders, but they can also conceal a peeping Tom or burglar. Read on to learn more about how our Gainesville tree services and landscape maintenance can contribute to your home security.

Landscaping security tips

  • Visibility- Trees and shrubs around doorways and windows should be trimmed regularly to ensure that your next-door neighbors or even passerby on the street would notice if someone was trying to pry open a window or pick a lock. Bonus: Having your trees trimmed regularly by a knowledgeable tree service like ours will ensure that it grows in a more attractive shape and does not endanger the structure of your home!
  • Access– Are there trees near the upper story windows of your home? A sturdy tree near a window can be used as an improvised ladder, just one more reason to have your trees trimmed regularly. Of course, the other side of this coin is blocking access with your landscaping! For instance, prickly holly bushes under all of the windows are a good deterrent to opportunistic burglars.
  • Appearance of vulnerability– The more overgrown and wooded your yard, the better a mark it is. Keeping your trees and plantings maintained so that your house number and any security signage can be seen from the street. This will make it easier for neighbors to call for help if they see something suspicious, while also dissuading potential criminals from choosing your home as a mark.

At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we can help you keep your property maintained for appearance, enjoyment and security. Our Gainesville tree services include tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and more. Contact us today to set up a free estimate!

Photo by Ella Mullins via Flickr (CC by 2.0)