Tree Service Tips: 3 Types of Tree Disease

Gainesville tree diseasesAs a homeowner, you likely work hard to keep your yard well maintained and your plants, flowers, and trees healthy and beautiful. However, despite your commitment, it’s possible for your trees to contract a tree disease. If you fear your trees might have one of the following diseases, such as foliage disease, stem disease, or root disease, then you need a Gainesville tree service company to aid in the diagnosis. That’s where we come in!

Foliage Disease

Foliage disease is caused by various fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and includes a number of different diseases. These include blights, powdery mildews, leaf spots, anthracnoses, sooty molds, needlecasts (of conifers), leaf blisters, and foliage rusts, to name a few. If you see leaves that are not growing, are wilting, are discolored, or notice leaves falling off your trees, these are often signs of something other than a foliage disease.

Stem Disease

There are a variety of stem diseases, such as cankers, decays, galls, and vascular wilts that can damage your trees. Look for tumor like growths that are hard, ring barking, and mushrooms or fungal conks growing from the base of the tree.

Root Disease

Root disease can prevent trees from getting water and nutrients, can interfere with the stability of your trees, and can affect growth, as well as survival. These infections can include feeder route necrosis, root rot, and vascular occlusions.

If you think your trees might have a tree disease, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, Gainesville’s best tree service company. With over a decade of tree service under our collective belt and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we’re here to offer you the best service possible for your trees and lawn.

Photo by jbird via Pixabay