Tree Removal and Maintenance by Mr. Tree and Lawn Service

Tree Service Gainesville FLLike our company name says, Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is the company to take care of your tree maintenance and removal needs and we do it at affordable prices. While the fact that we are fully licensed and insured, and safety is a top priority are important and set us apart from many offering similar services. They are only part of the story.

When it comes to Tree Services, removal is only part of the game. Regular tree maintenance in the form of pruning is something that can help the health of trees on your residential or commercial property. Maintenance of existing trees ensures the overall health of older growth trees and helps prevent disease. Maintaining the tree canopy on your property can prevent the trees from ever getting to the point where removal is necessary due to potential safety issues.

We can provide services to give you a higher tree canopy to allow for more sunlight in your home, or removed a diseased or damaged tree before it falls. Maybe you would like a tree trimmed due to proximity to a power line or branches overhanging vulnerable rooflines. We are also experts at taking down multiple trees to make room for your next big building project, while protecting those that you want to save.

We are your one stop source for everything related to trees. We have extensive experience in all aspects of tree removal, maintenance and cleanup due to our many years in business in Gainesville and our participation in after storm clean-up efforts after hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav and the 2008 Massachusetts ice storm.

The services provided by Mr. Tree and Lawn service include –

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree cutting
  • Stump grinding
  • Land clearing
  • Storm tree removal
  • Emergency tree removal

No matter what your tree maintenance or removal issues may involve, call us at our Gainesville office at 352-682-4444 to speak with one of our team of professionals to find out how we can help resolve your tree problem.


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