Tree Hugger: 5 Reasons to Love Your Trees

tree experts in Gainesville How much do you love your trees? Most people appreciate that trees add to the curb appeal of a home and provide a nice view outside, but that’s just the beginning of the many benefits trees provide. Read on to learn some facts that will make you love your trees more than ever before–and show them some love with a spring tree inspection and professional tree trimming from our Gainesville tree company.

  • Trees can help you save money on your energy bill. Not only do they cast shade, blocking sunlight from heating up your home during those hot Florida summers, but they also cool the air when water evaporates from the surfaces of their leaves. This chemical process removes heat energy from the air, acting as a natural air conditioner. In fact, the evaporation process from just 1 tree can cool the surrounding air as much as 10 single room air conditioners running for 20 hours per day.
  • Trees can serve as a privacy screen, shielding your yard and home from neighbors to create a sense of restful retreat from the outside world. They also reduce glare and filter noise. Depending on the placement, a tree can actually reduce noise pollution by up to 40%.
  • Trees minimize “heat load“–the amount of heat that builds up during the day in hard-scaped surfaces like driveways and patios. When trees shade these hard surfaces, they retain less heat and the overall local temperature is lower.
  • Trees serve as nature’s air filters, trapping pollen, dust, and even smoke. The more trees around, the cleaner the air will be!
  • Trees help us relax. Studies have shown a wide range of psychological benefits to humans from hanging out with or even just looking at trees, from relaxing stressed out students, to lowering blood pressure, to helping patients recover more quickly from surgery.

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 Photo via Pixabay