Tree Care and Neighbors

Tree Service - Gainesville FLWhile trees may provide great privacy from your neighbors, they can also present problems. Perhaps your neighbor has a tree on their property that looms menacingly over your home. Or maybe you and your neighbor share a tree right on the property line between your homes. Your neighbor may have sent you a letter declaring you to be responsible for any damage your trees may cause in the event they fall. What should you do?

First, get the facts. A professional tree service such as Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can help you determine tree risk and health and how you should act in order to preserve your property and protect yourself from liability.

Some of the things we will look at include –

Is the tree healthy enough that pruning can be accomplished to meet your objectives without harming the tree? 

Is your tree safe or do you really need to remove it to protect your neighbor from harm and keep you out of a lawsuit?

A professional tree service can answer the tree portion of these questions, but you may ultimately need to seek counsel from an attorney. One thing, when you are dealing with neighbors and trees the best thing you can do is to communicate regularly with your neighbor and to attempt to jointly agree on any course of action.

Trees are property just like anything else you can own. So, if you have a tree damaged by a neighbor. Or if you want to prune or remove a shared tree, first talk to your neighbor. Then call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to help determine the best course of action. You can reach us by phone at 352-682-4444 or use the convenient “contact” feature on our website.


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