TLC for Your Trees – The Importance of Tree Trimming

close up of chainsaw cutting branchWe provide a variety of lawn and tree services in Gainesville FL, but one of the most essential services we offer is tree maintenance. Tree maintenance and trimming are important for a variety of reasons, including: 


This is probably the most obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Trimming trees regularly helps them grow into a more attractive shape that will better fit your lawn. Trimming trees can also help correct an issue before it becomes more pronounced.


Tree trimming isn’t all about aesthetics! Properly pruning dead shoots and branches prevents insects from entering weak areas and damaging the tree. Removing diseased or decaying limbs also allows the tree to better use its energy for growing new limbs, leaves, and roots, instead of wasting valuable resources fighting infection or infestation.


A healthy tree is more stable, and a stable tree is less likely to fall on your home, vehicle, or family. Removing weakened or dead branches is much better than having them fall during a storm and causing property damage or injury. Removing dead matter and keeping the tree in good shape (literally and figuratively) also helps decrease fire risk.

So don’t put it off any longer! Get your trees expert care with our tree removal and tree maintenance services in Gainesville. We can beautify your home or business, help keep your trees healthy, and help keep your lawn safe. Contact us today for a free estimate!