Tips For the Best Lawn in Gainesville

Lawn Care GainesvilleHere are a few simple tips for people living in Gainesville, FL who want to make sure that the grass is always greener in their lawn. Remember, your lawn is the first thing people see when they visit your home. Having a beautiful house is pointless without a lawn that matches. In Gainesville, the most common type of grass for residential use is St. Augustine Grass because it flourishes in hot and humid climates.


Regular mowing is an easy way to ensure that your lawn looks its best. St. Augustine Grass should be cut somewhere around two or three inches depending on the owners preference. Regular mowing will promote healthy roots and a greater root depth for your lawn.


Regular watering is also important for lawn care. In Gainesville we have definite wet and dry seasons, so making sure not to overwater your lawn during the wet season is very important. Overwatering can cause the roots of the grass to rot and the shoots will eventually turn brown. Under watering can also be a problem during a hot and humid Florida summer or during drought conditions. Finding the right balance is key to maintaining gorgeous green grass.


Aerating your yard once or twice per year is an easy way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy. Aerating is simply poking small holes all across your lawn so water has a place to drain and so that the small life forms within the grass get some fresh air. Aerating tools can be purchased at most hardware stores but a sharp point on any garden tool will work fine.

With these helpful guidelines, your lawn will be an excellent complement to your home. If you would prefer professional guidance with your lawn care needs you can reach Mr. Tree and Lawn Service at 352-682-4444 or use the convenient “Contact” feature on our website.


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