The Importance of Landscaping

With so many maintenance tasks for homeowners to tend to, it’s easy for landscaping to fall by the wayside. Don’t let this happen to you! Landscaping is an important component of home upkeep. Check out some of the reasons why:

  • Curb Appeal. You may not be interested in selling your home just yet, but there’s a good chance you will eventually, and good landscaping is crucial to getting a good price. The lawn is the first thing potential buyers will see, after all. You want their first impression to be a good one. It’s also great for your neighbors! Landscaping can increase home values anywhere from 5% to 20%.
  • Disease Prevention. Grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers that are not properly tended can easily fall victim to mildew, mold, and disease. It’s easier to prevent disease than to treat it. Keeping your yard healthy means keeping an eye on it–pruning, watering, moving, and trimming appropriately.
  • Environmental Benefits. Well-planned landscaping, including appropriate use of shade, will help you save money and energy on heating and cooling!
  • Your Enjoyment! Forget about potential buyers for a minute. Don’t you and your family deserve to enjoy your home while you live in it? A beautiful, inviting yard will increase your enjoyment and give you more space for entertaining, spending time with your family, and just living your best life.

Don’t think you have to handle all this alone. Turn to the professional landscaping services offered by Mr. Tree in Gainesville, FL. Contact us for a free estimate and check out the residential lawn care services we offer to see what best fits your needs.