The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating Your Trees for Halloween

TreesHalloween is quickly approaching. Have you decorated your yard yet? Fall is a great time to decorate your yard and home but decorating your yard does have its limits, especially if you want your trees to survive Halloween. It’s ok to hang decorations from the branches of your tree but take into consideration how much weight you’re putting on your tree branches. Baby tree branches cannot handle a lot of weight. If you weigh them down they’ll ultimately snap in half – then you can say goodbye to your tree until next season. The Mr. Tree and Lawn Service team has put together a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re doing some last-minute Halloween decorating.


Fill your lawn with decorative ornaments

Decorate your trees with lightweight lights ornaments

Use the ornaments in your lawn as props (Decorate your pots and front door!)


Hang heavy items from your tree branches

Paint your tree trunk (Although this can add an awesome effect, paint can cause growth problems in a tree)

Paint the grass (Putting paint on your grass could cause the grass on your lawn to die)

Although some of the things on the “Don’t” list can add a cool effect to your decorations during the holidays, doing things like that can cause more damage to your lawn than anything else. Is killing your lawn worth having an attractive lawn for the holidays, our team says no.

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