Take Care of Your Trees, They’ll Take Care of You

Gainesville lawn and treeDo you make New Year’s resolutions? Many people choose to set goals for the new year, from fitness achievements to career accomplishments. One common theme in resolutions is self-care: Taking life a little slower, making time for wellness, spending more quality time with family, and lowering one’s stress levels.

Interestingly, plants can help with this goal! Researchers have found that spending time with plants, surrounded by grass, flowers, and trees, can have marked positive effects on people. Benefits of spending time with plants include:

  • Lower systolic blood pressure
  • Lower anxiety levels during surgical recovery
  • Increased reaction time and attentiveness
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Improved perception of a space (higher approval)

So, how can you use this information to improve your life in 2016? Easy- take advantage of your outdoor spaces! Create outdoor living spaces where you can read, relax, spend time with friends, watch your kids play, do yoga, etc.

If you already have a patio or porch that you don’t use, why is that? For many folks the issue is that their landscaping (or lack thereof) make the area unpleasant. Fortunately, we can help! From tree trimming and tree removal to lawn mowing and weed control, we can help you whip your yard into shape and keep it that way, so you can enjoy the healing benefits of your outdoor spaces without having to sacrifice precious time to lawncare chores.

To learn more about our lawn and tree services in Gainesville, give us a call at 352-682-4444 or get a free estimate online!

Photo via Pixabay