Summer Tree Maintenance Tips

summer tree care in Gainesville FLSummer in Gainesville, Florida is lush, green, and gorgeous- but it can also be a stressful season for your trees! Heat, storms, and bugs can all wreak havoc, so it’s important to care for your trees by doing some seasonal maintenance and prevention. Read on to learn some summer tree care tips from Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, and be sure to call us for all of your tree service needs, from stump removal to expert tree pruning.

Inspect your yard for problem trees

The lawn is the first thing most people think of when it comes to their landscaping, with shrubs and flowers coming in at a close second. But don’t forget about your trees! It’s easy to ignore them because they seem to be an immutable feature of the landscape, but they actually need regular attention to stay safe and healthy.

If you notice that any of your trees have diseased or damaged areas or are suffering from an infestation of destructive insects, it’s time to contact us. The sooner you catch a problem, the less chance you’ll have of losing the tree or having it cause damage to your home and property.

Have your trees pruned by a professional

Most trees need some help to grow in a way that is beneficial for the tree, attractive for the homeowner, and most importantly, safe for your home, vehicles, power lines, and other objects that could be impacted by uncontrolled growth or falling branches. It’s especially important to have any dead branches or trees removed so they don’t wind up coming through your roof during a summer thunderstorm. Regular pruning by a tree professional will also ensure that the tree grows in an attractive shape and will provide maximum shade for your yard, a definite benefit in our climate.

To schedule a tree service consultation, give us a call at (352) 682-4444.

Photo by Schjelderup via Flickr CC 2.0