Striking a Balance: Protecting Trees and People

tree service company in GainesvilleTrees are a beautiful and important part of our landscape with many benefits, from rural homesteads to suburban backyards. They are not only attractive additions to your landscaping (and thus property value), but also help remove pollution from the air, provide an environment for local wildlife, and can even help with your heating and cooling bills, providing shade in the summer and allowing sunlight to warm your house in the winter.

With all of those benefits, removing a tree should not be done lightly! However, if a tree is diseased or damaged, it can be a serious liability. Fallen limbs and trees can smash vehicles, destroy homes, rip through power lines, and injure or kill anyone unlucky enough to be near the tree. As a homeowner, property manager, or business owner, you must strike a balance between protecting and preserving your trees, and protecting the safety of people and property that could be affected by your tree management decisions.

Fortunately, Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can help with Gainesville tree service options. We can help you keep your trees healthy and safe with regular pruning, provide expert limb removal and other measures to help you save problem trees, and when necessary, remove a tree that just can’t (or should be) saved.

We also provide emergency tree removal to assist you after a storm or severe weather. If a tree has fallen on your house, car, driveway, or road we can help. Just give us a call at 352-682-4444 to speak with our friendly staff and set up an appointment for Gainesville tree services from a company with over a decade in the industry.

Photo by jingoba via Pixabay