Spring Lawn Care in Gainesville

Lawn Care Gainesville FLFlorida may be one of the warmer states in the country with less seasonal changes however, when it comes to lawn care there are still specific times of the year that require lawn maintenance. Especially the more northern parts of the state including Gainesville that do see frost during the winter. That means there is spring lawn care maintenance to do.

Here are some items to help residents of the Gainesville area to get their lawns looking healthy this spring and prepare it for the coming summer months.


Frequent mowing on a higher setting is the best way to go when it comes to the health of your grass. This will deter weeds from taking root, keep lawn pests away, and keep your lawn looking sharp. If frequent mowing doesn’t fit in to your lifestyle contact us to discuss a regular mowing program.

Weed Control

As much as you might think you have control of weeds spreading on your lawn, sometimes they are just there to be a nuisance. Many weeds like dandelions have seeds that blow around with the wind. So even if your lawn is weed free today does not mean you are safe from seeds rooting the next day. To keep weeds at bay, make sure to cut off the heads of dandelions so they cannot become seedy puff balls. Also, less frequent irrigation is best as continuous light moisture is what weeds favor to grow and take over lawns.


Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is going to help it remain healthy all year. Your lawn has just been starved of nutrients for most of the winter and now is the time to replenish those nutrients to promote a healthy looking turf. You want to be sure that you are using a high quality fertilizer and one that is suited for your lawn.

The lawn care professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service are here to assist you in making your lawn the best that it can be. Call us at 352-682-4444 or use the convenient “Contact” form here on our website.


Image courtesy of jannoon028 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net