Selling in 2015? Boost Curb Appeal with Tree Services

Gainesville tree removalThey say that you never get a second chance at a first impression. When selling a home, the way the house looks when prospective buyers drive up, is the first impression. The home must be warm and inviting. The yard must look like a place where children can play or young couples can host a gathering with friends. The first impression will help new home owners fall in love with the property. If you want to boost curb appeal to sell your home, our Gainesville tree service and lawn maintenance company can help!

Make a Great Impression

Buyers want a home which is safe and gives the impression that it’s move-in ready. The first thing to do is make sure that there are no low hanging trees, overgrown shrubs or mystery leaf piles. Our Gainesville tree service can safely remove trees that block the house, pose a risk of storm damage, or are too close to power lines. Take an objective look at the safety of the home, first and foremost. We can advise you on the tree trimming or removal strategy that will make your home safest while preserving a lush, beautiful appearance.

Curb Appeal

When the home looks safe, it’s time to make it look its best. A simple landscaping job may increase the value of the home. This can be the difference between a home which has two shrubs flanking the door and a home which has a beautiful lit path leading to the door, flanked by seasonal flowers and well manicured trees. Curb appeal is about selling the American Dream; the perfect storybook home.

Manicure to Make the Sale

When selling in 2015, take the time to manicure the lawn. Curb appeal helps buyers envision your home as their own. Trimming the shrubbery now can save you weeks of waiting on the market. To get your home looking its very best, contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service today! We’d love to help you put your best foot forward and sell your home for a great price.

Photo by Bill Bradford via Flickr (CC by 2.0)