Rejuvenation Pruning: A Fresh Start for Shrubs

Gainesville shrub pruningShrubs are small to medium size woody plants, and much like their larger brethren, trees, require regular pruning in order to grow into attractive and structurally sound maturity. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for shrubs to be allowed to grow unchecked, resulting in an overgrown shape that can interfere with the shrub’s immediate environment, as well as developing branches that are too thick, woody, and sparse on vegetation.

Once a shrub has overgrown its surroundings, mere trimming and thinning are not enough to correct the problem. That’s where rejuvenation pruning comes in!

What is rejuvenation pruning?

Also known as hard pruning, it is a rather extreme, but effective, solution to the problem of an overgrown shrub. In rejuvenation pruning, the shrub is chopped off to just 6-12 inches above the ground. While drastic, this method allows the shrub to grow back fairly quickly. As it grows, it’s important to have it pruned regularly to ensure a better outcome than the previous attempt.

While this is an effective solution for an overgrown shrub, it does have the downside of looking rather unattractive until the shrub grows back. However, it may be worth it to give your overgrown shrubs a fresh start!

Shrub and tree pruning in Gainesville

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Photo by Kapa65 via Pixabay