Put Down Those Pruning Shears!

What’s the one thing you MUST NOT do to your trees in the fall? As leaves turn it may be tempting to hack at your trees like they’re zombies invading your yard, but trust Mr. Tree: don’t prune in the fall! Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and people you meet on the street: pruning in the fall is bad for your trees.

pruned treeYou may have heard this advice before, but do you know why it’s such good advice? It boils down to the fact that pruning encourages growth, which is the last thing trees need right now. As the weather cools and the days shorten, most woody plants begin to go dormant, just like a bear preparing for hibernation. A tree’s job in the fall is to prepare for the winter, not grow larger. Besides, pruning when it’s warm also causes sap to rise up in the tree. When the temperature drops below freezing at night, however, that sap can freeze, causing all kinds of damage.

The general rule is to prune trees in the very middle of winter, and only if they need it. Once all the leaves have fallen you’ll be able to get a clear look at your tree’s branches. Don’t be afraid to wait until spring to prune, either, but make sure you don’t do it on a wet day–that can encourage disease.

Lawn care isn’t always as easy or intuitive as you might want. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t panic! Call the experts at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for friendly, professional, effective lawn services in the Gainesville, FL area.