Pruning of Citrus Trees in Florida

Tree Trimming Gainesville FLOne of the joys of living in Florida is the ability to have citrus trees in your own yard. A lot of people are confused however by what amount of tree trimming or pruning that citrus trees require. The professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville are experienced in working with all types of trees including citrus trees.

Unlike a lot of other trees, citrus trees do not require a lot of pruning. Overzealous pruning will result in a weak tree with poor fruit production. Less is always better when it applies to pruning. Citrus trees will do fine on their own, but a little pruning can help fruit production and correct any appearance problems.

Raising the height of the canopy and fruit is a common reason for pruning citrus, along with removing dead and damaged branches. Be patient because it will take a while to achieve the desired results. Remember that trees are alive and will respond to good caretaking. Invest in your citrus trees and they will reward you lots of delicious fruit.

Some of the key items that we follow as a professional tree service include –

Surveying the citrus tree and determining what pruning needs to be accomplished. We take the time to create a “game plan” for each particular tree.

Pinching off any suckers (new growth) springing from the trunk or branches. If raising the canopy and the height of the fruit is desired, we start by pruning any branches and shoots that face downward.

If the center of the tree is dense and brushy we will trim some branches from inside the canopy. The tree will produce better fruit if sunlight is able to reach the base and the center of the tree.

Remove any dead, diseased or frozen branches. Prune the branch back to where the branch originates.

Refrain from over pruning. Excessive pruning may result in short term cosmetic gains to the appearance of a tree but can damage a tree and result in decreased fruit production.


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