Professional Tree Trimming Keeps Trees Happy

tree trimming keeps leaves out of your swimming poolOne of the main lawn care services we provide here at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is tree trimming. Pruning your trees is extremely important, not only for appearance, but also for their continued health and longevity.

Benefits of tree trimming

Health- Late summer is a good time to consider tree maintenance in Gainesville, Florida. Regular pruning by knowledgeable tree experts can create a stronger (and more attractive) branch structure that will strengthen the tree as it grows. On the other hand, improper pruning can cause irreparable harm to a tree’s branch structure, with consequences ranging from the purely aesthetic (ugly, oddly shaped trees) to fatal (it only takes one bad pruning to open a tree up to disease and pest infestations).

Sunlight- In addition to the long-term benefits of regular professional tree trimming, there are other ways that pruning can help you achieve a tidier and more beautiful yard. If the tree canopy over your lawn is particularly dense, pruning can allow more light to come through, expanding your landscaping options and encouraging grass growth.

Tree debris- Here in Florida, pools are everywhere. Any homeowner with a pool will tell you that keeping it leaf-free is no easy task. If branches are hanging directly over the pool, you’re going to have a constant battle to keep it clean. Trimming branches back can drastically cut down on the amount of leaves and debris that end up in the pool.

Gainesville tree trimming

Remember, your trees play an important role in your landscaping, from increasing your home’s curb appeal to providing shade. When managed by an experienced tree service company, you can enjoy the benefits of your trees without the hassles! Contact us today to learn more about our Gainesville lawn care services and schedule a free estimate.

Photo by Antti T. Nissinen via Flickr CC 2.0