Prevent Summer Storm Damage with Tree Service

Gainesville storm tree removalSummer in Florida is full of sunny days, but it’s also common for the sunshine to be followed by afternoon storms. If you want to protect your Gainesville home, now is the time to trim or remove any trees that could turn into a hazard when intense winds and rains show up.

Storms are hazardous to trees- and storm-damaged trees are hazardous to you!

Strong winds and heavy rain can wreak havoc on the trees in your yard, and depending on the situation you may need professional tree services like those offered by Mr. Tree and Lawn Service. Wind can send branches flying through your windows or roof, and rain-soaked ground often results in trees tipping over, roots and all. It’s bad enough to lose a tree in your yard that way, but it’s even worse when the tree in question slams through your roof or lands on your car!

Complete removal of a tree is often necessary to protect against damage to your home, vehicles, and other areas, especially when the tree is old or rotting. Trees in this condition are more likely to uproot or tumble over than trees in better and newer shape. However, only an expert can truly make that assessment, so you should give us a call to discuss your situation with our Gainesville tree service company.

While we always try to help homeowners be proactive by pointing out problem areas and addressing them before damage can occur, storms can have unpredictable results. If you do end up with downed trees or large fallen branches, we can help with emergency tree removal.

Photo by Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay