Prepping Your Plants For a Hurricane

plantsWhile there isn’t much you can do about hurricane season, there’s plenty you can do to protect your landscape from it. Hurricane Hermine reminded us that we have to prepare our plants for storms and hurricanes. Safeguarding your garden from hurricanes and strong storms means taking both long-term and last-minute preparations.

Long-term preparations are actually a combination of common sense and good tree care, while short-term preparations are more of doing what you can with the time that you have. Although a good majority of hurricane season is over for Florida residents, it is not all the way over, so our team at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service put together some tips that will help you prepare your plants for storms during hurricane season.

When a hurricane is likely to strike, save the plants that you can by bringing them indoors or tipping potted-plants over safely by securing it with a brick and facing it in the opposite direction of the storm so that it does not roll away. If you do not have bricks, consider typing your pots down.

Wrap larger plants, vines and shrubs with strong fabric to help them withstand wind. Use row cover to ward off damage from strong winds and debris.

When it comes to mother nature, nothing is promised and even preparations cannot always hold back a tough storm, but by following these tips, your plants will have a better chance of withstanding the storm.

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