Overseeding Winter Lawns in Gainesville, FL

Does your grass turn brown in the cold season? Winter lawn care in Florida can be challenging despite the mild local climate. Overseeding lawns in winter with cool season grass can maintain the vibrant green color throughout the year. Here are some tips for better overseeding, as well as some gardening related New Year’s resolution ideas shared by Gainesville’s team of professionals Mr Tree And Lawn Service.

Overseeding Winter Lawns

The Do’s of Overseeding Lawns in Winter:

— Mow when the soil is dry, and keep the blades close to the ground.
–Fertilize in autumn. Try to use quality fertilizer, which is low in nitrogen.
–Rake thoroughly and aerate to prepare the seedbed. Remove all the debris and rocks. If the soil is too compact, loosen it by spiking it randomly to allow the nutrients to reach the root system.
–Spread the seeds as evenly as possible. You might use a broadcast spreader for better results.
–Water daily for two to three weeks to ensure the seeds germinate properly. Keep the area consistently moist until you see the new growth.
–Look for dormant weeds. Exterminating the weeds while they are still small is easier than after they develop.
–Allow the cold weather grass to die out in spring by temporary reducing watering and fertilization.

The Don’ts of Overseeding Lawns in Winter

–Don’t mow after the frost settles. The plants then become dormant which means they wouldn’t regrow if cut.
–Don’t Leave the clippings after the final trim. Leaving any form of debris or leftovers in the soil can affect seedbed and harm the new plant’s development.
–Don’t overwater. While watering is essential, the excess water could wash seeds away and help diseases spread.

If you would like to learn more about winter lawn care in Florida, contact Mr Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville, FL! It’s essential to maintain your winter lawn to ensure a flourished lawn in spring! We’re always here to answer any questions, so give us a call at (352) 682-4444 or see a list of our services you should be thinking about for spring, and get a free estimate!