Lawncare Questions: What’s Thatch Got to Do With It?

Gainesville lawncare tipsThere are many factors at play when it comes to maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn, and one of the more mystifying ones to those who are not well-versed in lawncare is thatch. Whether you’re a new homeowner wanting to figure out how to maintain your shiny new lawn or a longtime homeowner trying to troubleshoot your latest landscaping conundrum, Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is here to help! Read on to learn the basics of thatch, and don’t hesitate to call on us for expert lawn maintenance in Gainesville.

What is thatch, anyway?

Thatch is the loose layer of organic matter between the green part of your grass and the soil. It is composed of dead and living debris made up of grass shoots, stems, and roots, and it forms when your grass is producing organic debris faster than the microorganisms in the soil can break it down.

Why does thatch matter?

Understanding what thatch is and how it works matters because it can help- or hurt- your lawn.

How thatch can help your lawn- A half inch or less of thatch can protect your lawn against temperature extremes, especially important here in Florida with our sweltering summers. The layer of organic matter basically insulates your grass and can compensate for a lack of soil moisture when your area is enduring a dry spell, helping to retain moisture.

When thatch becomes a problem- When your lawn accumulates too much thatch, a number or problems can arise. For one, too much thatch creates an ideal place for pests to hang out. If you are trying to treat a fungal problem, thatch can impede the proper application of the fungicide you’re attempting to treat with. Another problem caused by excessive thatch is “mower scalping.” When thatch is too deep, the wheels of the lawnmower can sink down and result in a cut that is too short and actually shears off the crowns of your grass.

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Photo via Pixabay