Lawn Care Tips for Halloween

Halloween lawn care tipsAt Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we take pride in helping Gainesville homeowners keep their landscapes looking great. Our lawn care and tree services aren’t just cosmetic, however. They can also make your property safer by eliminating hazards like dead limbs and make your lawn more enjoyable with regular mowing, weed control, and leaf blowing.

Halloween is right around the corner and with it, you will probably have lots of trick-or-treaters (and possibly their parents) coming to your door. Read on for some Halloween lawn tips from our Gainesville landscaping company, and give us a call to get your yard and trees into shape!

Light the way

One must-have safety feature for Halloween (or any time) is landscape lighting. This can be achieved temporarily and decoratively with jack-o’-lanterns or luminaries lighting the path to your door, but make sure to use LED candles in order to eliminate a fire risk. Solar lighting highlighting the edges of your lawn is also an effective year-round choice, and will help reduce the risk of falls while also accenting your landscaping.

Clear a path

In addition to lighting the walkway to your home’s entrance, you should also make sure it is clear of obstructions. Leaves and dead plant matter should be removed from the walkway, and tree or shrub branches should be trimmed so that visitors don’t walk into them in the dark.

Add some spirit

And last but not least, add some Halloween style to your yard to welcome visitors! Just remember that if you leave decorations out too long, they could kill off parts of your grass. Anything that covers a lot of ground surface should be used for a short term.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay