Late Summer Lawn Care for Your Gainesville Home

Gainesville lawn servicesSummer will be over soon, but the heat will still be around for awhile in the Gainesville area. If your lawn is looking a little worn from being walked on all season and exposed to harsh sunlight, use the following Gainesville lawn care tips for help.

Know Your Lawn

Don’t get started on lawn care until you know what type of grass you have. Pay attention to factors such as plant zone, landscaping, soil and requirements for water and light. These details will help you determine the best ways to maintain your lawn and the kinds of plants and other greenery you can add to it.

Watch for Warning Signs

Check your grass for signs of disease or attacks by late summer bugs. Look for patches of dry grass caused by too little water and too much sun. If you have plants that can’t handle harsh sunlight, consider planting shade trees to shield them.

Prepare for Pests

Make sure your lawn is ready to handle pests that usually show up this time of year, such as ants. Keep an eye out for brown spots, thinning grass and other signs that indicate you have a pest problem. Take care of the problem as soon as possible to ensure that your lawn won’t experience more damage before next season.

Mow the Right Way

Your lawnmower should be at the right height to prevent you from cutting your grass too short and exposing the roots to sunlight. The blade should also be sharp enough to avoid ending up with a messy looking lawn.

If your lawn could use some late summer care, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Tree & Lawn Service. We offer reliable Gainesville lawn care services, including mowing and weed control, to keep your lawn looking great.

Photo by Hans via Pixabay