Landscaping Tips to Reduce Stress

stress relieving landscaping Gardening has always been considered a sort of Zen experience but this aspect of the hobby has usually focused on the act of gardening itself. However, the art of landscaping can also be used to create a stress-reducing environment for any visitor to the space! Check out these tips for stress-reducing garden design from the University of Vermont, and let us de-stress your life even more. Call us today to sign up for our affordable lawncare service in Gainesville!

Use cool colors as a backdrop– The cooler colors of the spectrum – green, blue and violet – should be used in the majority of the landscape if you are hoping to produce a serene atmosphere. Plant each color in bunches and try to segue into the other colors with curved and muted borders rather than a hard, straight line.

Create a focal point– Whether you use a topiary, statue or even a brightly colored plant or tree, a single focal point in the garden gives the visitor a place to focus their thoughts. The idea is to encourage a contemplative attitude that unburdens the visitor from his worldly troubles and concerns.

Keep lines horizontal – If you have the view, incorporate the distant horizon into your landscape. If not, plant similar shrubs or plants in rows that are approximately the same height. A single tall bush can be used as a focal point but do not break up the horizontal lines too much for maximum stress-relieving effect.

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Photo by woodleywonderworks via Flickr (CC by 2.0)