Knowing Your Trees 101

Tree services in Gainesville Do you enjoy trees just as much as we do at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service? Do you have trees in your yard? Trees have the ability to easily add value and beauty to your property, so with something like that a stack you don’t want to cut the tree down if it can bring you more value. But are your trees growing healthy and safely? If your tree is mature and in a deteriorating condition, it may be in your best interest to chop the tree down. Take a look at some things you can do to check the condition of your trees.

Inspecting Your Trees

Take a look at your trees, top to bottom, noting changes in foliage, branches, roots, and bark.

Check for cuts in the tree or peeling bark.

Inspect the tree’s crown for dead wood and brown leaves. (Use binoculars if need be)

Check to see if your trees are leaning. A tree with a little lean is ok, but when the tree starts to lean because of poor weight distribution, you have a problem.  Cracked or heaving soil is a sign that the tree’s weight isn’t being distributed properly, and therefore, is liable to topple over.

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