It Pays to Care for Your Trees

Tree Service Gainesville FLEveryone knows that trees are lovely and enhance the appearance of your landscaping, but keeping the trees on your property healthy pays extra dividends that far exceed the costs of planting and proper care according to information from the United States Forest Service.

This information states that one hundred trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year. Tree filled neighborhoods surprisingly have lower levels of domestic violence as well as being safer and more sociable. It also found that strategically placed trees can save up to 56% on annual air-conditioning costs, each large front yard tree can add 1% to a home’s sales price and large specimen trees can add 10% to property value.

The advantages of having trees are not just contained to residential areas. There is also good news for business owners. It was also reported that in tree lined commercial districts, shoppers report –

  • More frequent shopping
  • Longer shopping trips
  • Willingness to pay more for parking
  • Willingness to spend 12% more for goods

In an overall analysis the Forest Service stated that

Trees Pay Us Back

Properly cared for, they are valuable and growing assets worth three times the investment 

For all these reasons, it is a great investment to take the best care of your trees that you can. Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can help you maximize the health of your trees with tree maintenance and service that can prevent them from ever getting to the point where removal is necessary.

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