Is Your Tree a Safety Hazard?

North Central Florida tree service

Tree conks can be a sign of decay

As Gainesville tree specialists, we are often asked to assess the trees on both commercial and residential properties in the north central Florida area, checking for damage, disease, and identifying trees that could pose safety hazards or which may need a little extra TLC. Falling trees and limbs can cause serious damage to property, not to mention injuring people or pets who frequent the area.

It’s important to have your trees inspected annually in order to identify problems before they worsen, and at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service we are the company to call for your yearly tree inspection. However, if you suspect that a tree may be a safety hazard, don’t wait- call us immediately to inspect the tree.

Read on to learn some warning signs to help you recognize hazardous trees, and give us a call at 352-682-4444 to schedule a free estimate.

  • Dead limbs- Known by loggers as “widowmakers” because they are unpredictable and dangerous.
  • Branches that cross each other or rub together- Causes weak spots and eventually, limb breakage
  • Narrowly-forked trunks- Prone to disease and thus rot
  • Cankers- Wounds in the tree trunk, identifiable by sections of dead bark
  • “Brackets” or “conks”- Fungal bodies, shelf-like in appearance, which can signal internal decay in the tree
  • Leaning- A leaning tree can be a ticking time bomb and is cause to call us right away for tree service.
  • Cracks or wounds in the trunk- Caused by disease, lightning, root damage, and other culprits

Avoid preventable tree hazards destroying or damaging your property- contact our Gainesville tree service company today and let us show you why Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is the trusted option for local homeowners and businesses!

Photo by Foto-Rabe via Pixabay