How to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricane Season

tree branch in heavy rain Regular pruning is an important part of tree ownership. Not only can it improve the health of your trees, but unpruned trees are also a safety hazard. Falling trees and tree limbs can cause serious property damage and personal injury. That’s why it’s important to prepare your trees for hurricane season.

Hurricane season roughly runs from June through November here in Florida. During this time, it’s especially important to make sure your trees are ready for heavy storms. Here are some pruning tips to get your trees ready for storm season:

  1. Remove unhealthy branches. Rot and disease can spread across a tree, making it more likely to fall or break during a storm. Remove all injured, dead, and diseased branches. Only keep healthy areas of your tree.
  2. Remove irregular branches. Branches that touch each other or grow across each other should be trimmed back.
  3. Don’t let branches get too long. Branches should not grow faster or further than the main leader. Trim back or remove these competing branches to keep your tree strong.
  4. Don’t overdo it. Major tree removal or extensive trimming should always be done by a professional. This is as much for your safety as it is for your tree’s health.

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