How to Clean Up Your Lawn After a Storm in 3 Easy Steps

Tree DamageFlorida storms can turn your gorgeous, well-kept lawn into a war zone in a blink of an eye. Trees that once stood tall are on the ground and your beautiful shrubs are torn to pieces. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to transform your lawn back into a beautiful oasis and maintain healthy tree growth.

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Consider the following steps to help your lawn recover after a major storm that caused tree damage:

Remove Small Sticks, Stones, & Debris

Removing debris is important to complete in the days after the storm because your lawn is most likely water clogged. By removing the blanket of debris that is covering your grass, the sun will be able to burn off excess water and the grass will get the sunlight it needs to grow.

If any area around your home has standing water, do not go near it. Report it to the authorities as quickly as possible. However, if you notice small puddles in your yard, consider planting water-loving shrubs to help soak up future rain.

Avoid Damaged Trees

Heavy wind and rain can take a serious toll on trees. Even though some trees may weigh thousands of pounds, the right amount of wind and rain can blow them to the ground. A tree is considered damaged if there are broken branches, visible roots, an uneven canopy, or decayed tree trunk. Our tree services include removal, trimming, cutting, stump grinding, and more.

Help Your Trees Recoup

Some storms are so powerful that there is nothing you can do to avoid tree damage. However, taking steps throughout the year to maintain healthy tree growth will increase your tree’s chance of survival. Take appropriate steps to strengthen your tree’s roots such as laying mulch, applying fertilizer, and proper watering.

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