Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Lawn

tree care and Christmas lightsThe holidays are here, and for many homeowners in Gainesville, that means time to deck not only the halls, but also the lawn! The obvious first step in creating a gorgeous holiday display is to start with a clean slate. Your lawn should be well-maintained and weed-free.

Start fresh

If the lawn and landscaping look a bit shaggy, first mow the lawn and remove any plant debris and dead leaves. If you have no time to maintain your lawn, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. Mr. Tree and Lawn Service specializes in Gainesville lawn maintenance for homes and businesses.

It’s also important that all trees and bushes are tidied before you add lights to them. Call us for tree services to remove any dead limbs and to prune your trees. By hiring a professional, experienced tree service like ours, you have the added security of knowing that your trees not only look great, but are also safer and healthier.

Be gentle

Once the trees are well pruned, shaped and if necessary, treated for any problems, you can then start hanging the tree lights. The lights should not be installed on trees that are situated near power lines. Instead of using nails, use insulated holders to secure the lights to the tree, or ideally, nothing at all- simply wrap the lights around the trunk and branches or drape through the branches using the tree itself for support. Do remember, however, that trees grow! Wrapping your tree in lights won’t cause serious harm if the lights are only up for a few weeks, but leaving the tree wrapped for months at a time could result in irreparable and unsightly damage.

Safety first

For safety reasons, the power source of the tree lights should be derived from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet and the extension cord should be rated for outdoor use. Never use indoor Christmas lights to decorate the trees in your yard, as they are not meant to stand up to precipitation and other outdoor hazards.

Enjoy lighting your yard, and remember to call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for assistance with all of your Gainesville lawn and tree care needs!

Photo by Harsh Light via Flickr (CC by 2.0)