3 Tips for a Mosquito-Free Yard

mosquito-free landscaping tipsAt Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we provide residential lawn care services in Gainesville that not only give you the beautiful yard you’ve been dreaming of, but also save time so you can actually get outside and enjoy it! Unfortunately there is one pest that can easily ruin a fun summer’s day outdoors- the dreaded mosquito.

It’s National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, so read on for some tips that will help you banish the bugs and enjoy your backyard.

Eliminate stagnant water from your yard

Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, so the very best way to control the mosquito population in your yard is by depriving them of their breeding grounds. Bird baths, wheelbarrows, children’s toys, boat and pool covers, gutters, flower pots, and even pet dishes can all harbor mosquito eggs. Change the water in bird baths or fountains regularly, and make sure that tarps and covers (on wood piles, grills, patio furniture, etc.) are taut enough for water to run off instead of pooling.

Landscape with native plants

There are many benefits of using native plants in your landscaping, but mosquito control is high on the list. Non-native plants can not only harbor mosquitoes which are then introduced to your yard, but they also require more water and fertilizer than native plants, creating an attractive environment to existing mosquito populations.

Use a multi-pronged approach

Even if you are careful to eliminate standing water and landscape using native plants, you’ll probably need a little extra help keeping mosquitoes away from your next backyard gathering. Other tips include:

  • Put yellow bulbs in your outdoor light fixtures. The yellow light attracts fewer bugs.
  • Use tiki torches or candles with citronella oil. The oil discourages mosquitoes and adds ambiance!
  • If you’re grilling, toss a bundle of rosemary and sage on the grill. The smoke will ward off mosquitoes.
  • If you really want to be free of mosquitoes this summer, call a professional pest control company. There are many levels of treatment available, from one-time treatments to misting systems.

Photo by SweetCrisis via FreeDigitalPhotos.net