Gainesville Gardening Tips: What to plant now

Gardening in Gainesville, FL Knowing what time of year is best to plant your garden depends on what you are planting. At Mr.Tree and Lawn Service, we understand that gardening takes a lot of time and care, so we want your gardening time to be worth while. Here are a list of the best plants to add to your garden this month according to the North Florida Gardening Calendar:

  • Annuals – Annual plants live for one gardening season and then die. Celosia, portulaca, vinca and some coleus are examples of annual plants. These plants can handle the heat from the summer sun.
  • Perennials – Coneflowers, pineapple sage, sea holly and moonshine are all perennial plants. These plants are known to live for up to two years.
  • Palms – Warm summers are the best time of year to plant palm trees. Queen palms, trachycarpus, raphis and the sabal palm are all examples of different types of palm trees.
  • Herbs – Basil, rosemary and Mexican tarragon are examples of heat-loving herbs that are often planted during the summer.
  • Vegetables – It’s never too hot to plant some vegetables. Sweet potato, southern pea and okra are great vegetables to plant during the summer.