Enjoy the Season More with Summer Lawncare

Gainesville summer lawn maintenanceKids and adults alike are looking forward to some summer fun, and Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can help make it a reality! Give us a call today to get your free estimate and learn how we can help you enjoy your own home more this summer with lawn maintenance, landscaping, and tree services in Gainesville, Florida. Read on to learn why lawn maintenance is essential to summer fun.

Mowing the lawn is a never-ending chore

Grass grows much more quickly in the summer, especially in north Florida! With our humid weather and sunny days, your lawn needs to be mowed more often than during the other seasons, and all that lawn mowing can really cut into your weekends. Why slog through the weekly mow when you can have some fun in the sun and leave the hard work to us? Our lawn maintenance services are affordable without sacrificing quality. We want you to smile when you look at your yard!

Outdoor living is where it’s at

Outdoor living–creating living spaces outside of your home–has grown wildly in popularity over the last several years, with many homeowners realizing that they can greatly expand their living area by making outdoor areas comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you go all out with an outdoor kitchen or just add some comfortable seating to your deck or patio, your whole family will love spending summer days outside, dining, lounging, and playing.

Want your kids to get off the couch and do something other than play video games this summer? Give them a pleasant, safe place to play with lawn mowing, tree pruning, and debris removal. Don’t forget to make a comfortable place for yourself to sit, watch, and sip a nice glass of iced tea or lemonade!

Prevent pests with regular lawn maintenance

Letting your grass grow out of control will not only annoy your neighbors and probably your family; it will also give lawn pests a place to hide. With that said, cutting it too short can also attract fleas and ticks, so it’s important to hit a happy medium. At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we have over 20 years of Gainesville lawncare experience, with the specialized knowledge to keep your front and back yards looking great. Give us a call today to get an estimate and give your family a great place to play, relax, dine, and entertain this summer.

Photo by Greyerbaby via Pixabay