Boost Employee Morale with Commercial Landscaping

office landscaping in GainesvilleThere are many reasons to hire a commercial landscape maintenance company for your Gainesville business, from public perception to safety. However there’s one benefit of quality landscape maintenance that many business owners overlook- improving employee morale!

Maintaining a positive image

It’s not just your customers who are evaluating you on your public image; employees (and potential employees) do the same thing. The quality of your landscaping and lawn maintenance can have a big impact on how people feel about your business.

An overgrown, weed-filled lawn, shabby-looking hedge, or neglected courtyard gives the impression of general disrepair and honestly, is simply depressing to see when showing up for work each day. What ambitious, talented candidate would see that and want to sign on to work there? On the other hand, a lush, weed-free lawn, neatly trimmed trees and shrubs, and generally tidy and attractive outdoor spaces instill a sense of pride in employees and communicate to potential hires that this is a desirable place to work.

Creating space to re-charge

The outdoor spaces of your commercial property aren’t just for looks; they can actually function as an amenity for your employees! Take advantage of a pleasant courtyard or wooded area by placing some seating or picnic tables where employees can enjoy lunch or take a break to recharge during the day.

Research has shown that just being around plants (even houseplants!) has a host of physiological and psychological benefits to health, from lowering blood pressure to increasing attentiveness. Being around plants can increase productivity and job satisfaction, so harness that by making your outdoor spaces welcoming and pleasant. You’ll have a happier, more productive workforce- a win-win all around.

If you’re looking for a commercial lawncare company in Gainesville, contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Care today! We are experienced in both lawn maintenance and tree care, to keep your commercial property looking great all year round. Give us a call at (352) 682-4444 to discuss your company’s needs and get an estimate!

Photo via Pixabay