Are You Really Saving Money With DIY Lawn Care?

lawn careThere are a plethora of extensive, do-it-yourself checklists covering how to care for your lawn during fall. But, what if we told you there was an easier way to transform your lawn into a beautiful oasis that saved you time, energy, and money? Fortunately, there is! Allow the Mr. Tree professionals care for your lawn!

Take a look at our residential lawn care services.

Check out three benefits of hiring Mr. Tree to care for your Florida lawn instead of doing it yourself:

Save Your Time

The old proverb that states “time is money” is very true. If time is money, then how much is your time worth? Do you enjoy mowing your grass, weed eating, and trimming hedges? If not, don’t spend your time doing something you don’t enjoy! Let the professionals at Mr. Tree do it for you.

Save Your Energy

Doing yard work can be exhausting. There are so many elements that factor into establishing a beautiful, healthy lawn. After spending countless hours in the yard under the hot sun, you’re probably completely spent. Let us spend our energy on making your lawn the best lawn in the neighborhood!

Save Your Money

Don’t believe the misconception that grooming your own lawn is cheaper than hiring a lawn care professional. After factoring in the cost of the equipment, gas, repairs, and personal items such as sunscreen, gloves, and hats, it is actually cheaper to hire a lawn care professional.

Don’t choose just anybody to care for your lawn. You want the best of the best. Mr. Tree lawn care professionals have over 20 years of experience taking care of lawns! Learn more about us today.

Why You Should Leave Lawn Care to the Professionals

lawn professionalsDid you know that a well-manicured lawn can increase your home’s value? But it’s vital to call on the lawn and tree professionals to ensure your yard is cared for the right way. The professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service have the knowledge and expertise that will save you money, energy, and time.

Tree Services Save You Money

Cutting down a tree requires more than just tools. While having the right equipment and knowing how to use them is imperative to success, you must also know how to safely guide the tree to the ground. If you don’t know how to guide the tree to the drop zone, the tree or its branches could fall on your house, cars, pool, or other pieces of your property. This will undoubtedly require more money to fix than what it would cost to hire a tree professional.

Residential Lawn Care Saves You Time

It’s important to keep your grass looking beautiful, because a beautiful lawn is a healthy lawn. We know exactly what your grass needs in order to thrive, and even more importantly, what doesn’t need to be there. That’s why we have a wide variety of services for residential lawn care. Our services include mowing, weed control, edging, removing debris, and much more.

Commercial Lawn Care Saves You Energy

Commercial properties are normally much larger than residential properties and require more time and energy to produce a work of art. If you’re not sure how to create or maintain a well-manicured landscape, let us put our expertise to work. Our commercial lawn services are affordable, and your property’s outward appearance will help draw in customers.

We have immense knowledge and experience serving businesses in the greater Gainesville area. Let Mr. Tree and Lawn Service serve you today!

How to Choose the Best Expert for the Job

Many homeowners don’t know the difference between a landscaper and an tree service. You may think their services are interchangeable, but when something goes awry, you want the right person for the job. So which specialist is equipped to handle your landscape woes?

When to Call a Tree Service

tree service professionalTree services are pros when it comes to handling mature trees. That means anything from pruning to tree removal to stump grinding is in their wheelhouse. Why is it important to call a pro? Removing limbs or trunks from mature trees is dangerous work. If undertaken by someone uncertified, there’s a good chance that something—or someone—might get damaged in the process. Tree service experts have special tools and the required experience to resolve the problem safely and precisely, so you get the best results without worrying about damages.

When to Call a Landscaper

Landscapers take care of design and maintenance for lawns, flowerbeds, irrigation systems, and small, ornamental trees. If you need general maintenance like light pruning, weeding, or trimming the grass, they’re your guys. Their artists’ eye makes them your go-to pros when you want to dress your yard to impress . . . even if you’re just impressing yourself!

When to Put Down the Phone

Do you have a green thumb? Good for you! With a little time and effort, you can take care of basic pruning and shaping, mowing, weeding, and planting flowers. Just don’t overextend yourself (or your helpers). If there’s a risk of injury, always call an expert.

If you’re still not sure whether to call a landscaper or a tree service, we have good news: you don’t have to choose! At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we’re licensed, insured, and experienced in handling your toughest landscaping problems, from planting the tiniest flowers to removing the tallest trees. If your landscape needs a little love, it’s time to call Mr. Tree.

The Garden Helper Safety Manual

Homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and mowing the lawn. More often than not, their four-legged friends are just a few steps behind. Gardening with dogs is a great way to let your pets explore the great outdoors. But how can you stop them from sniffing out trouble?

How to Keep Your Pet Safe during Yard Work

  1. dog lying on grassPick up the yard. Before beginning your outdoor projects, you’ll want to hide away chew toys, bones, and anything else that a distracted pup might drop in your path while you’re trimming the lawn or whacking weeds. You should also walk around the yard and remove any sticks, rocks, or other debris from your path. If items get caught in your lawnmower or other landscaping equipment, they could easily become a dangerous projectile.
  2. Unplug everything. You don’t want a playful pup to accidentally switch on a chainsaw. Always unplug any landscaping equipment you’re not using, even if you’re just setting it down for a few minutes. If you plan to take a break, store it in the shed or garage to protect your pets.
  3. Consider your chemicals. Your dog isn’t only at risk while you’re working on a landscaping project. Certain mulches, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides may be harmful to pets if ingested, even if they’re weeks old. Always choose natural options and skip the cocoa mulch to keep your fur babies safe.

Are you looking for pet-friendly lawn maintenance in Gainesville? Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service.

5 Most Common Lawn Diseases in Florida

red mushroomsLawn disease is a problem folks in Florida don’t have to worry about as much as our neighbors to the north. But sometimes heat, humidity, and poor irrigation combine to create brown, sickly spots in your yard. What are the most common culprits of lawn disease in Gainesville?

Common Lawn Diseases in Florida

  1. Brown patch fungus. Landscapes with St. Augustine or Zoysia grass are particularly susceptible to brown patch fungus, which develops when high levels of heat combine with significant moisture. Look for it in the summer and fall, when heat, humidity, and rainfall are at their highest. To treat brown patch fungus, use targeted fungicides and refrain from adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil.
  2. Dollar spot fungus. At first no larger than a silver dollar, dollar spot fungus spreads quickly, killing the grass all the way to the root. Other signs of dollar spot fungus include grass blades with pale marks of infection and cobwebs on the grass with the morning dew. Once dollar spot fungus takes root, the only solution is to remove infected grass and plug the area with new sod.
  3. Gray leaf spot. When gray leaf spot takes hold, the grass blades develop brown spots that may have velvety patches. It’s caused by overwatering and, once spread, causes grass to become thin and patchy.
  4. Rust fungus. Does your lawn look like it’s been left out to rust? That orangey powder is a fungus that leaves your landscape vulnerable to other lawn diseases. Overwatering is a primary cause of rust fungus; it’s particularly vicious in shaded areas where water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.
  5. Fairy rings. This natural phenomenon might give itself away with a cluster of mushrooms in a perfect circle, but just as often they’re simply a round patch of vivid green grass. Fairy rings are said to be bad luck if you step inside, but they’re bad for your lawn regardless. Fairy ring fungus spreads along the roots, leaching nitrogen from grass. Aerate the lawn and water regularly to keep the roots healthy.

Regular landscape maintenance is the best way to prevent lawn disease. Professional lawn care solve irrigation issues, maintain your yard, and solve any problems causing your grass to wither and die. Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to schedule your Gainesville landscape maintenance today.

Storm Series #2: Post-Storm Clean Up

Preventative tree care can go a long way to minimizing storm damage. But even the best prevention can’t completely negate the risk of tree damage in your yard. Was your landscape torn up by a sudden storm? Make sure you know the right steps to safely cleaning up your yard after a storm.

Always Put Safety First

It’s important to protect yourself as well as your property. Always take appropriate safety measures when cleaning up storm damage.

  • work gloves and ear protectionBe on the alert. Stay away from utility lines and keep an eye out for dangers, both in a tree’s canopy and at its base.
  • Don’t trust your eyes. Broken limbs may still be lodged in the canopy, but can fall unexpectedly.
  • Look for trees in contact with power lines. A tree that touches a power line (as well as the ground at the base of the tree) can become energized, creating a major danger.
  • Dress appropriately! If you’re skilled, attired correctly, and own the proper equipment, it’s usually okay to handle storm clean up yourself. If you’re untrained or wearing flip-flops and a t-shirt, you’re only putting yourself at risk.
  • Always follow the guidelines in your instruction manual for any power equipment you’re using.

Evaluate Tree Damage

Are your trees at risk for causing more damage? To determine whether a tree can be saved, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the tree healthy (apart from fixable storm damage)?
  • Are most major limbs and/or the leader branch still intact?
  • Is at least 50% of the tree’s crown intact?
  • Are there remaining branches that can form a new branch structure?

If so, there’s a good chance the tree can be saved. If you’re not sure whether or not your tree has a chance, consult a professional.

Learn to Repair Minor Damage

  • Remove any broken branches or stubs still attached to the tree.
  • Remove any jagged limbs still attached to the trunk. Wounds are an easy entry-point for decay and disease.
  • Prune back smaller branches to the point where they join with larger branches.
  • Remember that over pruning can cause more damage to the tree. Remove dangerous limbs, and leave aesthetic pruning for the dormant season.

Know What You Can Handle

There’s a clear delineation between what a homeowner can handle, and which tasks require a professional touch. Any tree damage that’s not on the ground should be handled by a professional. Attempting to fix leaning, cracked, or otherwise damaged trees yourself can pose a threat to your life. Tree removal specialists have the experience and equipment to safely remove damaged trees and branches. Call a pro when:

  • Large limbs are broken or hanging overhead, requiring chainsaw work to safely remove.
  • A tree is uprooted or fallen. It may seem like a simple matter of hacking away at the branches, but there are unseen pressure points, which can cause a violent, catapult-like reaction.
  • Downed trees or branches lay close to power lines or water lines, report it to your utility company immediately. Do not attempt to remove the tree on your own.
  • You encounter a task you’re not trained for or feel uncomfortable attempting by yourself.

When in doubt, call the pros. If you have storm damage you’re not equipped to clean up, call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for reliable, affordable tree removal in Gainesville.

Storm Series #1: How to Prevent Storm Damage

Watching the colors shift on the weather radar can feel as inevitable as watching a splintered tree limb crash towards your car. But just because a storm is coming doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Protect your yard, your property, and your home by preparing trees for storms to minimize damage.

What Causes Storm Damage?

The most common culprit of storm damage is trees. Storms can uproot trees and damage trunks or branches, which crash to the earth with no regard for what (or who) is in their way. The most common types of storm damage include:

  • tree fallen on carBlow-over: Heavy wind and rain can cause trees to lean or topple
  • Branch failure: When a storm damages the structural integrity of a tree limb, it can break, falling to the ground or becoming trapped in the canopy
  • Crown twist: Gale force winds can cause the canopy of an asymmetrical tree to warp, twisting or breaking exposed branches
  • Root failure: When roots are not anchored deeply enough in the soil, torrential rain can strip away their foundation, leading to an increased risk of blow-over

Look for Potential Tree Hazards

Storms can cause all kinds of damage, splintering, toppling, or structurally damaging the trees on your property. This can lead to thousands of dollars worth of property damage if a tree falls into the yard, house, or nearby power lines. But by paying close attention to the health of your trees, you can minimize the detritus of summer’s next storm. Walk around your property regularly, looking for potential tree hazards that a storm could turn into some serious damage.

  • Cracks in tree trunks or major branches
  • Branches leaning over the roof or near power lines
  • Hollow and decaying trees
  • Trees with a visible lean
  • Anything in close proximity to utility lines or major structures
  • Shelf-like fungus or mushrooms

Many of these hazards are signs of heart rot in trees, while others may be remnants of past storm damage or signs that the tree is buckling under its own weight. Ignoring tree damage—even damage that seems minimal to the naked eye—can cause trouble down the road. Take proper preventative measures to protect your property from tree damage.

Preventative Steps to Limit Storm Damage

For smaller problems like removing damaged limbs, homeowners can often tackle tree troubles on their own. For larger problems that affect entire trees, contact a qualified tree removal specialist to ensure the tree is removed safely and efficiently. You can prevent possible storm damage by:

  • Removing dead, diseased, or damaged limbs
  • Pruning branches that are growing close to the house, power lines, or street
  • Checking gutters and removing debris to prevent water damage
  • Calling Mr. Tree and Lawn Service to inspect trees with large cavities and determine whether they need to be removed
  • Contacting a professional to remove trees that grow in close proximity to the home, utility lines, or walkways and driveways

Mr. Tree offers 24-hour emergency tree removal services in Gainesville. Don’t relinquish the safety of your property to the whims of upcoming storms. Be proactive and minimize property damage.

3 Keys To A Perfect Lawn

Are you prepared for the summer? Do you know how to handle your lawn during the hottest part of the year? If you answered “no” to either of those questions you should continue reading, as we at Mr. Tree will provide you with a few ways to ensure you are ready for the Florida heat this summer.

green healthy grass

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating is essential to having healthy grass. You can aerate with anything really, as long as it can puncture the ground, breaking up the soil and roots beneath it. A common tool used for aerating is a pitch fork as it consists of several points to help the job go by quicker. Aerating is important because it gives your lawn space to breathe and gives space for the essential nutrients to get down into the roots.

Change The Height Of Your Lawn Mower’s Blade

Looking at the top of the blades of grass in your lawn you may notice that the top third looks very flimsy or leafy. Adjust the blade of your lawn mower to just cut off that top portion of the blade. And don’t worry about raking up the excess that is cut off, as there are essential minerals in the cut grass that can help the rest of the yard grow healthy. If you cut the grass too low, the roots of the grass can be exposed. Exposing the roots of your grass can cause them to get too much sun, which burns the roots and gives your grass a “dead” look.

Know The Right Amount And How Often To Water

Some people are under the impression that they should water their lawn a little bit every day. That’s not the most efficient way to hydrate your lawn. When you water a little at a time, you’re only watering the top of the blades. If it is a hot day out with a lot of sunlight, the sun can evaporate the moisture before it gets down into the roots. Instead, water more deeply but less frequently. Doing this will allow the water to get down into the roots which is where the water is really needed.

If you practice these different tips on your lawn, you will be amazed at how green and healthy your lawn can look. If you would prefer that a lawn care service does all of this for you, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tree. We know what good grass looks like, and we are dedicated to giving you the best lawn care service in Gainesville.

The Keys To A Beautiful Lawn

Your lawn is one of the most important parts of your home. When guests arrive or neighbors drive by, you want them to see a beautiful, well-kept yard. Beyond the visual appearance, it’s also healthy for your lawn to do regular upkeep. Listed below are several important ways to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

green grass

Lay New Sod

When you look at your lawn, what is it that takes up the most space? For most people it’s the grass. If your lawn looks lackluster, you can give it a quick visual boost by laying new sod. Give your lawn the lively look it deserves. This is the perfect time of the year to lay new sod, because spring brings in the rain, but we’re haven’t reached the full heat of summer. New sod requires plenty of water and you are certain to get that right about now.

Mow Regularly

Mowing the lawn is very important if you want great curb appeal. Grass is very similar to your hair. It is important to trim your hair to keep it healthy. Creating a mowing schedule can help you keep on track and keep healthy grass growing the way you want it to. Just make sure to adjust your mower height for summer!

Maintaining the Lawn

  • Aerating your grass is crucial if your lawn is going to receive the right amount of oxygen. You can use a pitch fork or other spiky object to puncture holes in the lawn, loosening the compacted soil. This allows space for oxygen, water, and other important nutrients.
  • Remove weedsWeeds can be some of the worst pests your lawn will encounter. Removing them is simpler when the weeds are younger. To properly destroy the weed, it’s important to dig the weed up and remove the entire root.
  • Remove old tree stumpsThis can be one of the most important steps in preserving your lawn. Old tree stumps can continue growing underground, and their roots destroy water pipes and nearby sidewalks. Not to mention they’re unattractive! Avoid problems by removing them early.

At Mr. Tree in Gainesville we can help with all of your lawn care needs. We offer free estimates, affordable lawn care, and lawn care tips and tricks.

The Beautiful National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week is right around the corner! This first week in June is the time to show off your masterpiece to friends and neighbors, as well as educate yourself on the different elements of gardening. As this wonderful week approaches, we at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville, FL want to provide you with ways to get involved.

Beautiful Vegetables From A Garden

If gardening is not something you are already participating in, we encourage you to get started! There are plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) packs that can get you on your gardening feet.

National Gardening Week is a time for you to show your garden to all of your friends. You can get ideas from them that can help you enhance your garden! The size of your garden doesn’t matter during National Garden Week. Just be creative and be prepared to showcase your landscape.

You will notice an increase in gardening awareness and education in your area during this week. If you are interested in learning more about gardening and the importance of National Gardening Week, keep an eye out in your communities. You’ll probably see a lot of fun events at garden centers in Gainesville.

At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service we would like to extend our assistance to you in whatever way we can. We offer quality advice to you as you start your garden or look to improve an existing one. For inquiries about your situation or ways we can help, please contact us by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you!