Caring For Your Lawn in the Winter

The winter is in full swing, and that means it’s time for a different kind of lawn care than in the warmer months. Here at Mr. Tree we get a lot of questions about what is and isn’t good for your lawn in the winter. Check out our Dos and Don’ts for winter lawn care!


  • Mulch and compost to protect your plants’ roots, help lock in moisture, help retain nutrients, and keep your topsoil warm and safe from erosion. Appropriate mulching will also protect against freezing.
  • Bring delicate plants indoors, and water them carefully. With the heater sucking out the humidity in the house, it can be easy for indoor plants to dry out. Remember to place plants near windows so they can still get plenty of sun and stay away from direct drafts from vents.
  • Transplant trees! For most trees and shrubs, now is the time to move them. Check out our tips and more information here, and contact Mr. Tree for more information.


  • Prune! Now is not the time to be cutting back on most plants. If you must, do it carefully.
  • Overwater! You should only water when the soil feels dry, usually after about two weeks without rain. Make sure not to water within 24 hours if you know it’s going to freeze. Ice will damage your plants, so water around noon to make sure all the moisture absorbs before the temperatures drop.

And finally, the biggest DO: call Mr. tree! We offer residential lawn care services to help alleviate winter issues, and also offer free estimates!

How to Transplant Trees and Shrubs in Winter

You know that right now isn’t the time to prune, and you know it’s not a great time to plant, but did you know that there’s one lawn care task you always want to do in the cold? That’s right: winter is the time to transplant trees and shrubs!

winter lawnThe first hard freeze of the season is a sign to many plants to go dormant. Obviously, this isn’t true for evergreens–those will fare best if moved in the late summer–but it applies to most deciduous trees and shrubs. Dormancy is a lot like sleeping or hibernating. Transplanting trees usually requires the cutting of roots, and that can cause a lot of stress. Think about it like this: if you were going to have major surgery, wouldn’t you rather be asleep? Your trees will appreciate it too. Make sure you wait until after the first hard freeze and finish the process before trees and shrubs have started showing new growth in the spring.

Transplanting trees can be tricky, and not just because of timing. You also need to make sure you’ve selected the best new location, have moved enough of the root system, and are moving your tree safely and carefully. There are many pre- and post-transplant tasks that must be tended to, and the process can be very labor-intensive. If you think you’d like to transplant a tree or shrub that’s grown fairly large.

Next time you think you’d like to move something in your yard, call the experts at Mr. Tree! We’ll make sure your tree transplanting goes smoothly.

Put Down Those Pruning Shears!

What’s the one thing you MUST NOT do to your trees in the fall? As leaves turn it may be tempting to hack at your trees like they’re zombies invading your yard, but trust Mr. Tree: don’t prune in the fall! Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and people you meet on the street: pruning in the fall is bad for your trees.

pruned treeYou may have heard this advice before, but do you know why it’s such good advice? It boils down to the fact that pruning encourages growth, which is the last thing trees need right now. As the weather cools and the days shorten, most woody plants begin to go dormant, just like a bear preparing for hibernation. A tree’s job in the fall is to prepare for the winter, not grow larger. Besides, pruning when it’s warm also causes sap to rise up in the tree. When the temperature drops below freezing at night, however, that sap can freeze, causing all kinds of damage.

The general rule is to prune trees in the very middle of winter, and only if they need it. Once all the leaves have fallen you’ll be able to get a clear look at your tree’s branches. Don’t be afraid to wait until spring to prune, either, but make sure you don’t do it on a wet day–that can encourage disease.

Lawn care isn’t always as easy or intuitive as you might want. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t panic! Call the experts at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for friendly, professional, effective lawn services in the Gainesville, FL area.

Who’s Responsible for that Fallen Tree?


It’s an age-old question that has muddied the waters between neighbors and insurance companies alike: if your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, do you have to pay? The simple answer is no, probably not. However, depending on what caused the tree to fall, it could still be your responsibility.

Large, mature trees are great additions to any yard. Large Live Oaks, Sycamores, and Pines that can soar to over 100 feet in the air add beauty and a much-needed shady oasis to protect you from the Florida sun. They can also be hazardous and cause rifts between neighbors when they fall. Here at Mr. Tree, we thought it would be a good idea to run through two common reasons a large tree will fall in your Gainesville lawn, and what you should do when it happens.

Natural Disasters

Hurricane Irma recently made this hypothetical situation a reality. But before you start fighting with your neighbors about who is responsible for the damages and cleanup of a fallen tree, check this out… If a hurricane or tornado dropped a tree, it doesn’t much matter if it was rooted in your yard or the neighbor’s. You are technically responsible for the damages and cleanup on your yard. You need to call your homeowners insurance and open a claim immediately. Do not try to take care of the carnage yourself!

Tree Removal Accident

If your neighbor decides to take matters into their own hands and chop down a tree in their yard without calling a professional arborist and tree service like us here at Mr. Tree, they are responsible for where that tree falls. It takes a team of trained professionals to properly take down hazardous trees. Not only will the pros know what they’re doing, they’ll also be fully insured and licensed to make sure that any damages will be covered by the company rather than a homeowner or neighbor.

For more information about cleaning up fallen trees or removing a hazardous tree from your yard, give us a call at (352) 448-3962. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate and safely handle all of your tree service needs in Gainesville, Florida.

3 Tips to Remember While Improving Your Company’s Landscape

Commercial Lawn Care ServicesThe exterior of your business is often your customer’s first impression. If your landscape and the surrounding trees are overgrown and disheveled, customers and potential clients may not come inside.

However, if it is well kept and beautiful, they are more likely to do business with you. At Mr. Tree, we have a variety of commercial lawn care services to benefit your business!

Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Avoid the following mistakes by allowing the Mr. Tree professionals to take care of your lawn.

Improper Pruning

Did you know there is a science behind how to cut limbs from trees? Not only how to cut, but also what to cut and when to cut it. You don’t want to cut just any branch – doing so may permanently wound the tree! The team at Mr. Tree is extremely knowledgeable about pruning and knows exactly where and what to cut in order for healthy trees to thrive.

Incorrect Planting

Billions of trees around the world are taller than houses. They loom over us like majestic giants. You would think that their roots are as deep as they are tall. However, this isn’t true! Healthy trees have a shallow root system. If they are planted too deep, the trees do not get the necessary oxygen, warmth, and water from the world around it.

Inaccurate Mulching

The amount of mulch that looks good versus the amount of mulch that is healthy for a tree is vastly different. If you pile too much mulch against the tree trunk, air isn’t able to get to the bark. The bark will develop moisture and won’t be able to dry out. Fungi will form from the wet bark and the trunk will start to decay. In order to grow healthy trees, keep mulch away from the trunk.

Combining these tips and allowing us to take care of your landscape will increase your curb appeal and help your business grow. Contact Mr. Tree today!

What You Should Do if Your Tree is Dying

Tree DiseaseA dying or dead tree is a safety hazard because it is not able to hold its ground if a strong storm arises. Dead trees are usually the ones that fall on your home or in your yard, damaging your property. The Mr. Tree professionals are ready to make your yard beautiful while keeping your home safe.

Contact our tree service pros today!

How to Prevent Tree Disease

Unfortunately, trees are plagued with common diseases more often than we realize, but if you take the necessary steps to properly care for your tree, you won’t have to be concerned about saving your tree in the future.

When you prevent tree disease, you are not only saving that specific tree but also the trees around it. Consider the following ways to prevent disease:

  • Trim your tree branches as needed. Trimming dead branches or overgrowth allows for your tree to grow properly.
  • Water your trees when a drought occurs. Just like small shrubs or flower gardens, trees need water to survive.
  • Protect your trees while working in the yard. Avoid making a gash in the bark or near the stump.

If you need a tree removed, it’s vital to contact a tree professional. There are many elements to a tree that needs to be considered while cutting it down. At Mr. Tree, we have extensive experience serving the residents of Gainesville. Allow us to serve you!

Signs & Symptoms of Dying Trees

There are ways to save a dying tree if it is detected early. Several signs and symptoms to watch for include:

  • Brittle bark
  • Decay & deadwood
  • Excessive leaf drop
  • Falling branches
  • Poor structure
  • Trunk & root rot

If you’re not sure if a tree is a safety hazard, allow us to help!

Learn more about our emergency tree removal services!

How to Clean Up Your Lawn After a Storm in 3 Easy Steps

Tree DamageFlorida storms can turn your gorgeous, well-kept lawn into a war zone in a blink of an eye. Trees that once stood tall are on the ground and your beautiful shrubs are torn to pieces. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to transform your lawn back into a beautiful oasis and maintain healthy tree growth.

If your trees have been damaged, contact the professionals at Mr. Tree!

Consider the following steps to help your lawn recover after a major storm that caused tree damage:

Remove Small Sticks, Stones, & Debris

Removing debris is important to complete in the days after the storm because your lawn is most likely water clogged. By removing the blanket of debris that is covering your grass, the sun will be able to burn off excess water and the grass will get the sunlight it needs to grow.

If any area around your home has standing water, do not go near it. Report it to the authorities as quickly as possible. However, if you notice small puddles in your yard, consider planting water-loving shrubs to help soak up future rain.

Avoid Damaged Trees

Heavy wind and rain can take a serious toll on trees. Even though some trees may weigh thousands of pounds, the right amount of wind and rain can blow them to the ground. A tree is considered damaged if there are broken branches, visible roots, an uneven canopy, or decayed tree trunk. Our tree services include removal, trimming, cutting, stump grinding, and more.

Help Your Trees Recoup

Some storms are so powerful that there is nothing you can do to avoid tree damage. However, taking steps throughout the year to maintain healthy tree growth will increase your tree’s chance of survival. Take appropriate steps to strengthen your tree’s roots such as laying mulch, applying fertilizer, and proper watering.

Check out our affordable and professional residential lawn care services!

Are You Really Saving Money With DIY Lawn Care?

lawn careThere are a plethora of extensive, do-it-yourself checklists covering how to care for your lawn during fall. But, what if we told you there was an easier way to transform your lawn into a beautiful oasis that saved you time, energy, and money? Fortunately, there is! Allow the Mr. Tree professionals care for your lawn!

Take a look at our residential lawn care services.

Check out three benefits of hiring Mr. Tree to care for your Florida lawn instead of doing it yourself:

Save Your Time

The old proverb that states “time is money” is very true. If time is money, then how much is your time worth? Do you enjoy mowing your grass, weed eating, and trimming hedges? If not, don’t spend your time doing something you don’t enjoy! Let the professionals at Mr. Tree do it for you.

Save Your Energy

Doing yard work can be exhausting. There are so many elements that factor into establishing a beautiful, healthy lawn. After spending countless hours in the yard under the hot sun, you’re probably completely spent. Let us spend our energy on making your lawn the best lawn in the neighborhood!

Save Your Money

Don’t believe the misconception that grooming your own lawn is cheaper than hiring a lawn care professional. After factoring in the cost of the equipment, gas, repairs, and personal items such as sunscreen, gloves, and hats, it is actually cheaper to hire a lawn care professional.

Don’t choose just anybody to care for your lawn. You want the best of the best. Mr. Tree lawn care professionals have over 20 years of experience taking care of lawns! Learn more about us today.

Why You Should Leave Lawn Care to the Professionals

lawn professionalsDid you know that a well-manicured lawn can increase your home’s value? But it’s vital to call on the lawn and tree professionals to ensure your yard is cared for the right way. The professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service have the knowledge and expertise that will save you money, energy, and time.

Tree Services Save You Money

Cutting down a tree requires more than just tools. While having the right equipment and knowing how to use them is imperative to success, you must also know how to safely guide the tree to the ground. If you don’t know how to guide the tree to the drop zone, the tree or its branches could fall on your house, cars, pool, or other pieces of your property. This will undoubtedly require more money to fix than what it would cost to hire a tree professional.

Residential Lawn Care Saves You Time

It’s important to keep your grass looking beautiful, because a beautiful lawn is a healthy lawn. We know exactly what your grass needs in order to thrive, and even more importantly, what doesn’t need to be there. That’s why we have a wide variety of services for residential lawn care. Our services include mowing, weed control, edging, removing debris, and much more.

Commercial Lawn Care Saves You Energy

Commercial properties are normally much larger than residential properties and require more time and energy to produce a work of art. If you’re not sure how to create or maintain a well-manicured landscape, let us put our expertise to work. Our commercial lawn services are affordable, and your property’s outward appearance will help draw in customers.

We have immense knowledge and experience serving businesses in the greater Gainesville area. Let Mr. Tree and Lawn Service serve you today!

How to Choose the Best Expert for the Job

Many homeowners don’t know the difference between a landscaper and an tree service. You may think their services are interchangeable, but when something goes awry, you want the right person for the job. So which specialist is equipped to handle your landscape woes?

When to Call a Tree Service

tree service professionalTree services are pros when it comes to handling mature trees. That means anything from pruning to tree removal to stump grinding is in their wheelhouse. Why is it important to call a pro? Removing limbs or trunks from mature trees is dangerous work. If undertaken by someone uncertified, there’s a good chance that something—or someone—might get damaged in the process. Tree service experts have special tools and the required experience to resolve the problem safely and precisely, so you get the best results without worrying about damages.

When to Call a Landscaper

Landscapers take care of design and maintenance for lawns, flowerbeds, irrigation systems, and small, ornamental trees. If you need general maintenance like light pruning, weeding, or trimming the grass, they’re your guys. Their artists’ eye makes them your go-to pros when you want to dress your yard to impress . . . even if you’re just impressing yourself!

When to Put Down the Phone

Do you have a green thumb? Good for you! With a little time and effort, you can take care of basic pruning and shaping, mowing, weeding, and planting flowers. Just don’t overextend yourself (or your helpers). If there’s a risk of injury, always call an expert.

If you’re still not sure whether to call a landscaper or a tree service, we have good news: you don’t have to choose! At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we’re licensed, insured, and experienced in handling your toughest landscaping problems, from planting the tiniest flowers to removing the tallest trees. If your landscape needs a little love, it’s time to call Mr. Tree.