3 Reasons to Remove or Prune Trees in Winter

winter tree removal in GainesvilleIf you’ve been putting off removing trees from your yard or pruning your trees, now is a great time to act! Here at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we can help you get your yard and trees in shape for the winter with a variety of Gainesville landscape maintenance services, including debris removal, lawn care, tree trimming, and tree/stump removal.

Read on to learn why winter is one of the best times for trimming and tree removal in Gainesville, and give us a call at 352-682-4444 to get a free estimate!

It pays to plan ahead

One reason to go ahead and remove trees now (or have them strategically pruned) is that it will improve your landscaping when spring rolls around. This is especially true if you are trying to thin the canopy and allow more light to reach your lawn.

Less risk for trees

Winter in north Florida is the dry season, and while it rarely gets very cold here, the temperatures are blessedly cooler than our sweltering summer months. This poses less risk when pruning the tree, reducing the chance of infection in the limb wounds where branches are removed.

Easier access

Another benefit of having a tree removed in the winter is that it’s much easier for us to access trees when the ground is firmer. During the summer, Florida’s rainy weather can soften the ground and make it a muddy mess. That not only makes it harder for us to do our job, but also increases the amount of damage to turf and landscaping. By having tree removal and pruning performed in the winter, you limit the collateral damage to your existing landscaping.

Now’s the best time for tree services in Gainesville, so don’t wait! Contact us today.


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Rejuvenation Pruning: A Fresh Start for Shrubs

Gainesville shrub pruningShrubs are small to medium size woody plants, and much like their larger brethren, trees, require regular pruning in order to grow into attractive and structurally sound maturity. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for shrubs to be allowed to grow unchecked, resulting in an overgrown shape that can interfere with the shrub’s immediate environment, as well as developing branches that are too thick, woody, and sparse on vegetation.

Once a shrub has overgrown its surroundings, mere trimming and thinning are not enough to correct the problem. That’s where rejuvenation pruning comes in!

What is rejuvenation pruning?

Also known as hard pruning, it is a rather extreme, but effective, solution to the problem of an overgrown shrub. In rejuvenation pruning, the shrub is chopped off to just 6-12 inches above the ground. While drastic, this method allows the shrub to grow back fairly quickly. As it grows, it’s important to have it pruned regularly to ensure a better outcome than the previous attempt.

While this is an effective solution for an overgrown shrub, it does have the downside of looking rather unattractive until the shrub grows back. However, it may be worth it to give your overgrown shrubs a fresh start!

Shrub and tree pruning in Gainesville

If you are wondering how to keep your trees and shrubs on the right track, give us a call today at 352-682-4444 to get a free estimate on our tree and lawn maintenance services. With over 2 decades of commercial and residential lawn care experience and over a decade of tree care experience, our Gainesville tree service company is the clear choice.

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Planting Trees in North Florida

redbud treeDid you know that now is a great time to plant trees in North Florida? You might be surprised to hear that fall and winter are actually the best times of year to add plants and trees to your landscaping, but it’s true!

Here in Gainesville, our falls and winters rarely get very cold, and even then, not for long periods of time. Contrast our generally mild fall and winter seasons with our hot, humid springs and summers, and you’ll start to see why this season is less stressful to plants.

If you’ve been planning on adding any trees or shrubs to your yard, now’s the time. Read on to see some options of the best landscaping trees in Gainesville, and remember to keep all of your trees healthy and attractive by calling Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for tree pruning and maintenance!

  • Red Maple- Red maples are a great choice for the wet conditions of north Florida, displaying red flowers in spring and gorgeous red foliage in the fall.
  • American Hornbeam- This pest resistant tree is a great landscaping addition because it is small enough to plant under power lines. It is an “understory” tree, or a tree that stays short even when mature in age. As such, it can provide some variation to your landscape by growing under the canopy of larger tree species. Yellow or orange flowers develop in the spring.
  • Eastern Redbud- Though they are pest sensitive, these trees offer high wind resistance and are beloved due to their various spring flower colors, ranging from vivid purple and lavendar to hot fuchsia.

Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your tree service needs, from pruning to tree removal, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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Tree Care FAQs: What Causes Branches to Break?

tree pruning in GainesvilleIf you have a lot of trees on your property, chances are you’ve gone outside after a particularly rough storm to discover branches tossed around all over the place. Sometimes it’s merely small branches, but you could also be facing the fall of a major branch large and heavy enough to severely damage your car, house, or even injure someone.

How can you tell which branches are at risk of falling? Are there any branches near your home that could be a safety hazard? The best way to prevent property damage and injury from falling branches is to have your trees inspected regularly by a professional tree service company. At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we have over a decade of experience in commercial and residential tree services in Gainesville and can help you assess and protect the health, safety, and appearance of your trees.

There are some simple indicators that tree experts can look for to identify branches in risk of falling. The main symptoms of a branch failure include:

  • Epicormic branches- Improper tree pruning or other injuries to the tree can cause this phenomenon, as well as environmental factors. Epicormic branching is caused when injured, diseased, or improperly pruned branches  are replaced by new sprouts. These new branches are not attached as securely as normal branches. Rather than coming from the tree’s stem, they attach at the surface of a stem or topped tree. Because they also tend to grow more quickly than normal branches, they create a perfect storm of excess weight and poor anchoring structure.
  • Included bark- Ideally, the rings of wood a tree grows each year connect securely from the branch to the stem of the tree, creating a structurally sound branch union. However, in some cases a branch will grow too close to the stem, with bark between the two. The bark ends up growing inside the tree, creating a point of weakness. Over time, as more and more bark grows, the branch’s union with the tree grows weaker and will eventually fail. If caught early, preventative tree pruning can address this problem and result in a healthier, stronger branch structure.

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Tree Pruning in Gainesville

Gainesville tree pruning serviceOne of the most in-demand tree services in Gainesville is tree pruning. At Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, our experienced team can help you with all of your lawn and tree needs, including tree and palm trimming, dead wood removal, and canopy raising.

With over 10 years of experience in both commercial and residential tree service, our team is equipped with the right tools and techniques to care for and cultivate your trees, protecting their long term health and appearance.

Why is regular tree pruning necessary?

For starters, damaged or dead limbs (or even just irregular/poorly placed limbs) can cause property damage and even injury to people and pets, so pruning and removing dead wood is a necessity. Check out the following blog posts to learn more about the dangers of falling limbs and unhealthy trees:

However, reducing the risk of falling trees or limbs is not the only reason to schedule regular tree pruning. When performed by tree professionals, pruning can also help your tree grow in a more attractive and stable structure, and even avoid problems like interfering with your home, power lines, etc.

Another great reason to have your trees pruned is to lift the canopy. Canopy lifting or canopy raising increases the distance between the lowest branches and the ground, allowing more light to filter through and benefiting your lawn and plantings.

If you’re looking for a tree pruning company in Gainesville, give us a call today at 352-682-4444 to set up a free tree service estimate.

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Tree Care FAQs: When Should Trees Be Removed?

dead tree removal GainesvilleTrees provide beauty and benefits to your property. They keep your home cool and shaded and provide a habitat for wildlife. They also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air. Healthy trees are an asset, but unhealthy trees can cause damage to your home and property.

If you suspect you have a diseased or damaged tree, you should contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service right away. Our tree specialists at our experienced Gainesville tree service company can inspect the tree and identify the problem. Here are some damage signs to look for:


If you have a tree that’s leaning, inspect it for damage and fallen limbs. Trees can lean naturally, but leaning can also indicate the tree is dying. If you’re not sure how long it’s been leaning, contact a Gainesville tree service for an inspection. If the tree is dying, it can be a safety hazard.

Dead Branches

A canopy inspection can identify dead or dying branches which are hard to spot from the ground. A branch with dead leaves or missing bark is usually a sign that the branch is no longer being supported by the tree. It should be removed as soon as possible

Tree Trunk

Cracks or cavities in the tree’s trunk may indicate that the tree isn’t structurally sound. Missing bark can indicate that the tree is diseased or rotting. Tree specialists should examine the trunk to find out the extent of damage and determine if the tree should be removed.

Tree Roots

A tree’s roots tell you a lot about it’s health. Visible damage or decayed roots around the base of the tree can indicate a loss of structural support. Space between the ground and the tree can mean the tree is starting to fall. Our Gaineville tree service company can inspect the tree for insects, fungus and root rot.

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Lawn and Tree Services for Fall

fall tree service in Gainesville FLMany homeowners envision spring and summer when they think of lawn care. But far from being dormant during the fall, your grass is preparing for winter by absorbing moisture, nutrients, and energy. Following these tips from Popular Mechanics will help your lawn get the care it needs in the fall to look its best in the spring. Don’t have the time, equipment, or expertise to go the DIY route? Not to worry, that’s what Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is here for! We provide an array of lawn care and tree services in Gainesville and the Alachua County area.

Continue to mow and water

Your lawn will still need to be mowed and watered throughout the fall. As winter gets closer, set your mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two mows of the year. More sun will reach the grass’ crown, and you’ll have less browning during the winter.

Aerate the soil

Aerate your soil so water and other nutrients can reach your grass’ roots. Rent a self-propelled lawn aerator, or call our Gainesville lawncare company to do it for you.

Rake fallen leaves

Ever wondered what the point of leaf blowing is? It’s not just cosmetic; allowing leaves to sit on your lawn can suffocate the grass and allow fungus to grow.

Use fertilizer

Fall is the optimal time to fertilize your lawn so your grass can develop deep roots and keep nutrients on reserve for spring. Apply a dry fertilizer in mid to late fall using a walk-behind drop spreader.

Treat bald spots

If you have any bald spots in your lawn, apply a lawn repair mixture in the fall. This combination of grass seed, fertilizer, and organic mulch will help give grass a boost.

Apply a weed killer

Weeds, like grass, absorb energy during the fall. Use weed killer in early- to mid-autumn, and the weeds will eagerly absorb it.

Inspect trees for damage

Summer storms, insects, and other factors can harm your trees, which in turn can lead to fallen branches and even entire trees uprooting and causing property damage. Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for expert tree inspections, tree removal, and other tree services.

The hours spent on lawn maintenance and tree care can definitely add up over time, not to mention the need to learn all of the ins and outs of proper fertilizing, mowing, trimming, etc. Thats why so many homeowners choose us for Gainesville lawn and tree services! Contact Mr. Tree and Lawn Service for help preparing your lawn and inspecting your trees to avoid winter-related damage.


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Lawn Care Tips for Halloween

Halloween lawn care tipsAt Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we take pride in helping Gainesville homeowners keep their landscapes looking great. Our lawn care and tree services aren’t just cosmetic, however. They can also make your property safer by eliminating hazards like dead limbs and make your lawn more enjoyable with regular mowing, weed control, and leaf blowing.

Halloween is right around the corner and with it, you will probably have lots of trick-or-treaters (and possibly their parents) coming to your door. Read on for some Halloween lawn tips from our Gainesville landscaping company, and give us a call to get your yard and trees into shape!

Light the way

One must-have safety feature for Halloween (or any time) is landscape lighting. This can be achieved temporarily and decoratively with jack-o’-lanterns or luminaries lighting the path to your door, but make sure to use LED candles in order to eliminate a fire risk. Solar lighting highlighting the edges of your lawn is also an effective year-round choice, and will help reduce the risk of falls while also accenting your landscaping.

Clear a path

In addition to lighting the walkway to your home’s entrance, you should also make sure it is clear of obstructions. Leaves and dead plant matter should be removed from the walkway, and tree or shrub branches should be trimmed so that visitors don’t walk into them in the dark.

Add some spirit

And last but not least, add some Halloween style to your yard to welcome visitors! Just remember that if you leave decorations out too long, they could kill off parts of your grass. Anything that covers a lot of ground surface should be used for a short term.

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Is Your Tree a Safety Hazard?

North Central Florida tree service

Tree conks can be a sign of decay

As Gainesville tree specialists, we are often asked to assess the trees on both commercial and residential properties in the north central Florida area, checking for damage, disease, and identifying trees that could pose safety hazards or which may need a little extra TLC. Falling trees and limbs can cause serious damage to property, not to mention injuring people or pets who frequent the area.

It’s important to have your trees inspected annually in order to identify problems before they worsen, and at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service we are the company to call for your yearly tree inspection. However, if you suspect that a tree may be a safety hazard, don’t wait- call us immediately to inspect the tree.

Read on to learn some warning signs to help you recognize hazardous trees, and give us a call at 352-682-4444 to schedule a free estimate.

  • Dead limbs- Known by loggers as “widowmakers” because they are unpredictable and dangerous.
  • Branches that cross each other or rub together- Causes weak spots and eventually, limb breakage
  • Narrowly-forked trunks- Prone to disease and thus rot
  • Cankers- Wounds in the tree trunk, identifiable by sections of dead bark
  • “Brackets” or “conks”- Fungal bodies, shelf-like in appearance, which can signal internal decay in the tree
  • Leaning- A leaning tree can be a ticking time bomb and is cause to call us right away for tree service.
  • Cracks or wounds in the trunk- Caused by disease, lightning, root damage, and other culprits

Avoid preventable tree hazards destroying or damaging your property- contact our Gainesville tree service company today and let us show you why Mr. Tree and Lawn Service is the trusted option for local homeowners and businesses!

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3 Reasons Not to Overwater Your Lawn

Gainesville FL lawn companyAt Mr. Tree and Lawn Service, we’ve been making lawns look great for over 20 years! With our commercial and residential lawn care experience in Gainesville and throughout Alachua County, we’ve seen it all and we know how to troubleshoot problems that are holding your landscaping back from looking its very best.

One problem that affects many homeowners and business owners in the area is overwatering. Now, this can come from our rainy late-summer weather, poor drainage, running your sprinklers too much, or a combination of any/all of the above. You’ll know your lawn is overwatered if it feels soft or squishy when you walk on it, and if you see standing water, it’s definitely overwatered!

Why is overwatering bad for your lawn?

When there’s too much water on your yard for the ground to absorb completely, there are several problems that can occur. Some of the main ones include:

  • Shallow roots- Your lawn needs air to breathe, and standing water basically drowns it. Your grass will have shorter roots and a weaker overall root structure, which leaves it even more fragile and sensitive to drought when the water finally does dry up.
  • Lawn diseases and fungi- Excess moisture in the soil makes your lawn susceptible to a number of turf diseases common in the Gainesville area: root rot, gray leaf spot, large patch, etc.
  • Weeds- Excessive rain makes weeds grow like crazy. If your sprinkler system is on a timer and you water your already-waterlogged yard, you’re just asking for a weed explosion.

Check out our tips to learn how to properly irrigate your lawn.

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