Are Your Trees In Shape?

Regular tree maintenance, including proper pruning techniques, will help keep your trees healthy. It is important that your trees receive pruning that is specific to maintaining a good structure. This is something that a professional Gainesville tree service can provide. Pruning isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. It also make your trees stronger, which may also add years to the life of your trees.

Achieving Good Structure for Your Shade Trees

Your shade trees can grow rather large, so it is best to start pruning them while they are young. This will help them grow properly and develop a strong infrastructure. A tree with good structure will have:

  • A single trunk versus a one that splits off into two sections. The trunk should be the central leader that rises straight up into tree’s canopy.
  • Begun being pruned at the nursery and has been pruned since it was planted in your yard to maintain proper growth.
  • Branches that are strongly attached. Weak branches need to be addressed to prevent them from falling down and causing injuries to passersby or damage to your property.

Four Structure Problems to Be Aware Of

  1. Competing stems that form while the tree is young. Early pruning to maintain your tree’s good form and strength is essential for this problem.
  2. Included bark is a sign of a weak branch union. Branches with this need prescriptive pruning.
  3. The main leader grows slower than the tree’s secondary leaders. This can cause your tree to become structurally unstable.
  4. The trunk of your tree should be strong and thick. Knowing when to prune lower branches can help promote an increase in trunk girth.

Pruning should be left to the professionals to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Contact Mr Tree and Lawn Service for pruning and other types of Gainesville tree service.

Photo by TBIT via Pixabay