Advantages of Pressure Washing From Mr. Tree and Lawn Service

Pressure Washing GainesvillePeople ask us all the time about what the benefits of having regular pressure washing done for their home or commercial facility. The three primary benefits of pressure washing break down in to three primary categories.  Preventative maintenance, curb appeal/aesthetics, and safety/health.

Preventative Maintenance

This the primary reason you should get your home pressure washed. It can save you money on costly repairs. Unfortunately, it’s not the number one reason people call us. Preventative maintenance is not always on the top of people’s minds.

Pressure washing should be a regularly scheduled home maintenance event just like a once a year termite pesticide application. Exterior washing of your home can extend the life of your home’s exterior painting and/or siding, concrete driveway, porch or sidewalk and wooden areas like your deck and fence. When done at least once a year, pressure washing can eliminate contaminates that contribute to rot, decay and premature aging of your home’s coating and building materials. Quite simply, pressure washing services can add years of life to your property and save you money on costly repairs.

Curb Appeal/Aesthetics

This is the primary reason people call us for pressure washing. Obviously, unsightly stains and mildew on a home can be a depressing sight. You’ve made a major commitment in the purchase of your home and you want it to look good. Pressure washing can breathe new life to your home. Many of our customers were originally looking to repaint or replace unsightly areas, which would have incurred major costs. Once we power cleaned their homes, they were amazed on how new everything looked, and the money they had saved.

Safety and Health

You’re surrounded by contaminates that pose risks to your health. Dirt, mold, mildew and oil are the primary culprits that can create safety and health issues around your home. Pressure washing can help protect your family from intrusion of mold and outside allergens. Additionally, pressure washing the walkway and driveway can help protect your family and visitors from accidents like slipping on oil or mildew. In tree covered areas, mildew and algae can grow on the damp and shadowed sidewalks surrounding your home or business.

In the hot humid weather of Gainesville, pressure washing should be part of any regular maintenance routine and the professionals at Mr. Tree and Lawn Service can take what can be a burdensome do it yourself project and turn it in to something that becomes a joy to come home to.

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