6 Reasons to Regularly Trim Trees

It’s easy to let tree trimming slip off your to-do list. After all, it doesn’t really matter, right? We beg to differ! Here are 6 reasons to trim your trees.

6 Reasons to Trim Trees

  1. Keep trees healthy. If you let your trees grow wild, they’ll redirect important nutrients from their major branches to the spindly twigs and new growth. Trimming trees helps them grow healthy and strong by getting rid of dead, diseased or hazardous tree limbs.
  2. Train your trees. Annual tree pruning trains trees to grow right. When you trim away unnecessary branches, you can also train your trees to grow in specific shapes, veer away from structures, or expand upward instead of growing tangled together. If you notice crossed branches or limbs growing away from the overall shape of the tree, cut them back.
  3. Add curb appeal. A well-trimmed tree can give your home a major visual boost. Trim trees to keep them looking beautiful.
  4. Make them bloom. Pruning trees stimulates growth, giving you more fruit or bigger, brighter blooms.
  5. Create a privacy fence. Trees can protect your home from distracting sights and noisy streets. But creating a privacy fence for your home requires careful trimming, especially when a tree is young.
  6. Help other plants grow. An overgrown tree blocks sunlight and rain from reaching the plants below it. Do you have flowers and shrubs withering in the shade of a broad canopied tree? Sounds like you could use a trim.

Don’t have the time, tools, or skills necessary to trim back your branches? Call Mr. Tree and Lawn Service in Gainesville.